Are you receiving the best tax services?

⇒  Leverage the Tax Code to your greatest benefit

⇒  Learn Tax Strategies the IRS hates

⇒  Keep Thousands more dollars every year

⇒  Remove the stress that comes from the “ordinary tax services “

People are talking…

“I have had 3 local CPA firms before I started working with you and they just took my money and “did my taxes”. They were not concerned with saving me and my business money. Incite Tax is completely different and I feel like we are “on the same page”.” Antonio

“The most important reason I chose to do business with you is that I felt you are straight up black/white no b.s. HONEST and efficient.” Matt 
“I want an accountant that works for me and not the IRS. I am an architect – I work for the owner not the city. I have no problem finding solutions to meet the building code that save my client money.” Alan

Our Sandy Utah tax planning and tax preparation services include:

  • Business tax returns

  • Individual tax returns

  • Tax planning and analysis

  • Tax preparation

  • Tax reduction strategies

  • IRS and tax problem resolution

  • Plus more

Don’t make the mistake thinking all tax accountants are equal and one accountant can file your information just as good as the next…that is so far from the truth.

The industry is lazy focused on plugging you numbers into a software and that’s it. No communication, no strategies, and no ongoing relationship. Which results in millions or taxpayers dollars unnecessarily going to the IRS (who spends them very poorly).

We want you to keep as much money as legally possible so you can help fuel this engine we call the economy.

tax services

How much money are you leaving on the table?

Items we will talk about during your session:

  • Do you have the right entity structure?
  • Are you overpaying self-employment tax?
  • Are you maximizing your deductions?
  • Are you using one of the best tax strategies that the IRS hates?
  • Learn items you didn’t know you could deduct
  • How much more money you could be taking home
  • And a lot more!

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