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Do you wonder what your tax dollars are really being spent on??

You might want to think again about why you should put some focus on your tax situation. How much money are you missing out on?

Our Incite Tax Philosophy

At Incite Tax, we know business owners aren’t planning their finances in a way to grow and accelerate their wealth. We believe they deserve financial freedom so we guide them to planned wealth so they can stay in business leaving a footprint on their community.

Incite Tax & Accounting provides the premier proactive tax and accounting experience to small business owners and individuals. We believe that stimulus of prosperity happens best in the hands of people and not government entities. That’s why we help our clients stick it to the IRS and save MORE money than they have before!
Our team lives by three core values:
  1. Value exchange – We save our clients more in taxes than what they pay us.
  2. Self-Motivation – Team members are driven to provide the best service to our clients.
  3. Constant Improvement – No one is perfect and we can always find ways to improve. We are just proactive about improvement.

Is Incite Tax Right For You?

As you noticed from our site so far, the IRS sucks.

What I mean is, they’re greedy and not using your tax dollars very well. I believe there is a better way for you. That way is keeping more of your hard earned cash in your pocket.

Yes, it’s important that you pay your legal fair share, but what you may not realize is there are so many options, strategies, and methods for you to take home even more money!

You’re not in the business to study the tax code and uncover secret tax loopholes or learn tactics to save money, BUT we are!

AND most accountants DON”T provide that value to their clients. You need a partner and someone you can trust to have your back. Some CPAs feel like they work for the IRS and not for YOU. That couldn’t be more frustrating because you’re leaving money on the table when it should be in your bank account!

We're NOT Typical "Accountants"!

What I mean is we aren’t your traditional or typical “tax firm”, we are human beings that do tax and accounting, (which I hope you’ve been able to see by now)

Tax and accounting is probably not something you deal with everyday, it is however something WE THRIVE IN.  And we’re here to help you not only save money on your taxes but also build a sound financial platform for perpetual growth and abundance in your life.

BOTTOM LINE, If your tax situation is fine tuned and working for you, you open the door for an increase in capacity to grow your wealth and improve your financial position.

We help facilitate your capacity to grow wealth!

The IRS sucks, that’s our motto!


Look, Don’t let the IRS take advantage of what you don’t know. Educate yourself on tax benefits that are legal and the right ones that will save you thousands right now!

Get our FREE report of strategies and deductions that will easily show you how to keep thousands more dollars this year.


The report also has some bonus resources and a tax strategy packet that will show you a $15,000 tax deduction… It’s awesome!

♦ “You handle all of the details, paperwork, etc, and it feels good knowing that I can rely on a firm that will help me navigate an area that I’m totally unfamiliar with – all the while with MY best interest in mind. Thank you!”

♦ “I liked the outside the box approach to finding tax savings, the open line of communication and ability to get my questions answered rapidly, the detailed follow up and the quick turn around time. You kept the promises you made and actually saved me time and money. THANK YOU!”

♦ “You’re not just your average CPA firm that is scared to take calculated risks. You hate the IRS and I love that!!”

Ever Heard of a Microgym Accountant?

Our focus is to help our clients, ESPECIALLY MICROGYMS build a strong business and increase their profits.

“Can I write this off?” You probably ask yourself this all the time.

That is good, you should be always asking if the purchase is a legitimate write off.

The sad truth is…most business owners don’t realize there is a better way, a more effective way to treat your financial situation.  As you’ve seen above the government sucks at spending your hard earned money (#irssucks). Take advantage of the tax code and maximize your take home with smart strategic methods. Your tax and accounting efforts don’t need to be a burden, they can be a strength. Just as we need to have consistent exercise to stay healthy and improve our strength, your business operates the same way. In order to be as profitable and tax advantageous as possible, you need ongoing coaching and advice.

You have the possibilities to take home so much more and leverage your situation as a business owner, (even if you’re simply getting 1099 income). If you’re looking for an accountant Draper trusts then let’s have a conversation and see if we are the right fit for you and your situation!

Meet the Incite Team

A-Team IRS Haters

Phoenix DeMille

Administrative Assistant

Phoenix is one of our all-star administrative assistants. She supports several of our Accountants and joined the Incite Family in early 2021. She brings strength in communication and positivity. Outside of the office, See More

Phoenix is creative and adventurous! She makes hand-made, custom cards and enjoys rock hunting and days on the beach. Other favorite activities are thrifting and brunch! She is the oldest of six siblings and loves her big, quirky family – including her little Yorkie Maltese, Mazie.

Carrie Self

Administrative Assistant

Carrie has an Associate’s degree in business accounting, and a wealth of experience, including working in the corporate headquarters of a major insurance firm, handling international payroll for an overseas oil company, and See More

getting to know the ropes of public education. Outside of work, Carrie is the mother of four adult children and, grandmother of more than a dozen grandchildren, with her husband Peter. Carrie’s real dream is to spend her days just lying in the warmth of the sun on a beautiful sandy beach, but when that’s not an option she fills her spare time with card making, gardening, hiking, and fishing.

Heather Harris

Administrative Assistant

Heather has been with Incite since the beginning of time and has enjoyed learning fun/embarrassing things about John and others along the way. She took a long maternity leave after having her miracle baby in 2021 and See More

has enjoyed watching her daughter develop. Heather graduated with a BS from Brigham Young University. Before joining Incite, she gained her experience working in the education and property management industries. Heather enjoys fresh air, exercise, milk chocolate, and watching movies with a warm blanket.

Hope McMullin

Administrative Assistant

Hope is part of our stellar administrative assistant team. She joined Incite in October, 2022 after working in the school system for almost 10 years. She brings her friendly disposition and deliberative work style to See More

the admin team, which allows her to serve all clients in a positive way. When Hope is not at work, she loves spending time with her husband and their son. In her free time, she likes to get cozy at home with a good book or you might find her working on a variety of crafts.

Mackenzie Graham

Administrative Assistant

Mackenzie joined our administrative assistant team in February 2023 after working in healthcare and customer service for too long. Realizing she wanted more work-life balance and job satisfaction, sheSee More

found the perfect opportunity to become part of our admin team. Mackenzie enjoys resolving client concerns with high attention to detail and efficiency. She is looking forward to continuing to grow her career at incite. Outside of work, Mackenzie enjoys spending time with her husband and their son. She loves fostering new experiences for her family to enjoy and loves seeing her son enter each new stage. Mackenzie loves reading, exploring outdoors, and listening to true crime podcasts that focus on the psychology of crime–not the gross gory stuff.

Aggressive IRS Haters

Nikole Baak

Client Relations Specialist

Nikole was born and raised in Huntington Beach, CA and loves all things beachy. Since her career as a marine biologist didn’t pan out she ended up in the sales and customer service field. She thrives on helping others and puts her years of experience to good use at Incite Tax. Nikole See More

and her husband Daren have 4 children.  Three of those children are grown but they still have one teenage daughter and 2 large Labradors at home.  She misses the beach but has learned to appreciate the beauty Utah has to offer.  Her down time consists of reading, spending time with family, and planning her next Disney vacation.

Walter Briggs

Content Marketing Coordinator

Walter graduated from Utah Valley University with a bachelor’s in Business Entrepreneurship. His goal is to aid in the exponential growth of Incite Tax. He remains busy in his family life with his wife and six daughters. As fun as they are, Walter sometimes needs alone time See More

and enjoys movies and abstract painting on everything from large canvases to skateboards.

Jenn Kamp

Social Media & Content Manager

Meet Jenn, the social media guru of Incite Tax! Jenn isn’t crunching numbers, but she’s definitely crushing content for Incite’s social media channels. With a passion for all things social, Jenn knows how to make accounting fun (yes, you read that right!). She lovesSee More

creating fun content like Incite’s Flat Sam, ex-IRS Agent series on YouTube, punny tax posts and even finding ways to incorporate clever content though the #IRSsucks.

Jenn’s superpower is her ability to make accounting jargon accessible to everyone. She can break down complex financial concepts into bite-sized pieces that anyone can understand.

When she’s not scrolling through Instagram for inspiration, you can find Jenn sipping a Diet Coke, reading or playing with her family and animals on her ‘lil urban farm.

Madelyn Heperi

Client Onboarding Specialist

Madelyn is our amazing receptionist that joined the Incite team in December of 2021. Born and raised in Utah, Madelyn joined the finance world right out of high school and worked at a Credit Union for 3 years before dipping her toes in her other interests and See More

eventually finding her way back to the wonderful world of finance and accounting. Madelyn likes to spend her free time binge watching shows with her husband, hanging out with family and friends, and going on Cruises.

Expert IRS Haters

Chris Coccimiglio

Staff Accountant

Chris is working on a Bachelor’s degree in accounting at Utah Valley University. He looks forward to pursuing a Master’s in accounting, and then on to a CPA. He loves the culture here at Incite and plans to continue progressingSee More

in his career with us. He enjoys seeing clients succeed and saving their hard-earned money. When he isn’t working to beat the IRS, he enjoys skateboarding, card games, video games, snowboarding, anything outdoors and watching movies with his wife.

Lynn Merritt

Bookkeeping Specialist

Before devoting his work full time to Incite Tax, Lynn filled his time running his own business, managing large international non-profits and serving on various executive boards of directors. He has over two decades See More

of accounting experience working exclusively with entrepreneurs and business owners. His goal for his clients is to make sure they keep as much money in their pockets as possible. He knows the need for cash flow and stays up nights finding new strategies for his clients. In addition to being a crack tax associate -he is an avid golfer and gets as much time in with his grandchildren as is possible.
draper accountants Incite Tax

Tiffany Lawrence


Tiffany began her accounting career in the non-profit world and then found the public accounting sector. She has a love of budgeting and has years of experience as a full charge bookkeeper specializing in financialSee More

statements, payroll, and sales tax. In the accounting world, everyday presents a new puzzle, and Tiffany loves the challenge. She enjoys onboarding and clean-up projects for new clients. She loves to help make each company’s bookkeeping smooth and easy for everyone!

Tiffany grew up in Virginia and earned her bachelor’s degree from Penn State University. WE ARE! Her family now lives in Utah and she enjoys watching the sunset from her front porch. Tiffany loves to bake and is happiest when she can spoil her teammates with delicious treats.

Wyatt Bake

Staff Accountant

Wyatt studied accounting at Brigham Young University and joined Incite in May of 2020. He likes working with numbers and helping people keep their money out of the hands of government. To that end, he plans See More

to pursue a master’s in tax accounting in the near future. In his free time he enjoys PC gaming, shooting, camping, and tinkering on cars. He also loves classical piano and science fiction.

Tyler Stephenson

Staff Accountant

In addition to being an outdoor enthusiast, Tyler is pursuing a degree in accounting at UVU. He’s also passionate about seeing businesses grow and succeed. Tyler believes in working closely with clients toSee More

identify areas where they can improve profitability and achieve their goals. When he’s not playing pickleball or climbing mountains, he’s analyzing financial reports and brainstorming creative solutions to help businesses thrive. Tyler is like a superhero for small businesses!

Kiernan Burke

Staff Accountant

Kiernan joined the Incite Tax team as an intern in January of 2022. He studied accounting at Brigham Young University. He despises the IRS so much he went from intern to accountant starting in April of 2022. He enjoys mountain biking,See More

running, hiking, rock climbing, and cooking. Kiernan plans on pursuing a master’s degree in tax accounting and becoming a CPA. Contrary to popular belief, he is not good at mental math and, like most accountants, uses a calculator to add 20+30 just to be safe. He’ll talk your ear off, so look out!

Tanda Hollabaugh

Staff Accountant

Tanda graduated from Edinboro University with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting. Shortly after graduating, she started her career in private, non-profit accounting for Allegheny College. After six years with Allegheny, she decided See More

it was time for a change. After hearing about Incite, she immediately knew that this was a team she wanted to be a part of. She feels that Incite’s cultural values and the importance placed on its employees are what make Incite such a great place to work. Tanda is very detail-oriented and thrives on accuracy. She also loves working with clients and ensuring that she is providing the highest level of customer satisfaction. In the future, she would like to obtain her Master’s Degree in Accounting and eventually sit for the CPA exam.

Trishelle Johnson


Trishelle has experience in accounting and bookkeeping for over a decade. She has an Associate degree in Economics. She started at Incite Tax in August 2022 and enjoys the dynamic it offers of providing clients with exceptionalSee More

services while allowing employees time to live outside of work. In her free time she loves spending time with her husband and 2 children. Her interests include reading, crocheting, and diamond painting.

Brittney Christensen


Brittney was born and raised in a small farming community in south central Utah. She always dreamed of becoming a nurse but when that didn’t work out, she moved into the hotel industry and eventually became aSee More

General Manager. It was here that she got her taste for accounting and really found her niche. She joined Incite Tax in October 2022 and greatly appreciates the strong commitment to a healthy work life balance. In her free time, Brittney loves spending time with her family, traveling, cross stitching, and cooking.

Brevin Prince, EA

Staff Accountant

Brevin graduated from Utah Valley University with a Bachelor’s Degree in accounting. He quickly discovered his passion for tax and earned an Enrolled Agent designation so that he can represent clients before the IRS.See More

He enjoys navigating the tax code to help you keep more money in your pockets. When he’s not doing taxes he enjoys playing pickleball and spending time outside with his wife and daughter.

Darci Brainich


Darci Brainich is an accounting professional with over 30 years of experience. She specializes in financial statement preparation, reconciliations, budgets, forecasting, audits, etc. She has held various positions in many different industriesSee More

from an accounting clerk up to a CFO. She holds a bachelors and masters degree in accounting. Darci has a great passion for education; she worked for an online university for 11 years teaching bachelor and masters level accounting courses. When she is not enjoying all things accounting, she spends time with her husband of 28 years and her 3 adopted children (and an adopted dog). They love watching movies, eating, laughing, camping, and riding their ATV’s.

Denise Grundeland


After owning a successful family business for over 25 years, Denise decided to follow a different path and join Incite Tax in December 2022. She’s always enjoyed accounting, especially taxes. She loves working with people and helping themSee More

achieve their goals. She loves being a part of the Incite team!

Born and raised in Sandy, UT, Denise is the mother of 3 adult boys and grandmother to 3. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband of 35 years, John, and their children, grandchildren and 2 goldendoodles. In warmer months, she enjoys the outdoors, horseback riding, gardening, four wheeling, and road tripping in their RV. In cooler months, you’ll find Denise working on genealogy, crocheting and watching football.

Dallin Bird

Staff Accountant

Dallin has been with Incite since August 2022. Starting as an intern, Dallin has moved up to a Staff Accountant and is planning on moving up further within the company. He loves that the company strongly promotes health, fun,See More

and belonging both in team members’ personal and professional lives. When not at work Dallin enjoys landscape/macro photography, shooting, and spending time with family.

Logan Meyer

Staff Accountant

Bio coming soon… See More

Seasoned IRS Haters

Trevor Hoffman, EA

Tax Accountant

Trevor received his B.S. in Economics from the University of Utah, then earned his Masters in Accounting from the University of Utah, specializing in Tax and Information Systems. Trevor has worked in tax for over 10 years (tax/accounting for over 15 years), and also earned hisSee More

Enrolled Agent (E.A.) credentials from the IRS, allowing him to represent clients in all tax matters in every state in the U.S. He enjoys working with small business owners to help them save time and money by improving their processes and accounting systems. Having a background working as a business manager, combined with knowledge of information systems gives Trevor the skills to use technology to cost effectively gather and interpret data to turn data to useable information to help make informed business decisions.

When Trevor isn’t working he likes spending time outdoors snowboarding, camping, hiking, or playing golf. He also likes spending time at home in South Jordan playing guitar, reading, and DIY projects. He also spends a lot of time working in his yard and plans on becoming a beekeeper in the near future.

Kristi Marrott

Tax Accountant

Kristi began her journey in the accounting world right out of high school and loved it so much, she never left! She joined the Incite team in May of 2021. She knows numbers aren’t for everyone.. She wants you to focus on building your empire and let her crunch the numbers so you don’t have See More

to. Out of the office, she has a wonderful husband and two adorable children that keep life exciting. They love camping, escaping to an island any chance they get, and spending time with friends and family as much as possible.

Rachelle Nay, CPA

Tax Accountant

Rachelle started college in the acting/singing/dancing world and ended up with a new love: Tax Accounting! She went on to get her Master of Accountancy degree from BYU with an emphasis in tax. She absolutely loves helping people keep their hard-earned money in their own pockets instead of See More

the giving it to the government! She also loves to help people budget and finds true joy in helping others take control of their financial life! Rachelle joined Incite Tax in October 2021 and has never looked back. Outside of helping people with taxes and budgeting she loves to sing with her family, play board/card games, and learn random new skills.

Bailee Johnson

Tax Accountant

Bailee joined the Incite team in May 2022. She graduated from Dixie State University where she played 4 years of collegiate softball. She worked for a small firm for nearly 7 years until crossing paths with Incite Tax and has not looked back! She prides herself in building strong relationshipsSee More

and sharing her knowledge with clients. Bailee enjoys spending time with her family; she is married with two adorable children that keep life fun. Sports have always been one of her passions! If she’s not playing, you can find her in the stands.

Kirsten Meyer


Kirsten joined the Incite Tax team in January of 2019. She graduated with her Master of Accountancy degree from Southern Utah University with an emphasis in taxation. She loves helping clients succeed and grow their See More

business. In her free time, she enjoys scuba diving, rock climbing, and just about anything outdoors. Kirsten loves dedicating time to service projects, some of which have recently taken her to Heredia, Costa Rica and Cusco, Peru. Most of all she loves spending time with her incredible husband, Logan.

Nicole Scleidorovich, CPA


Nicole joined the Incite team in June 2021. She graduated with her master’s degree in Forensic Accounting from Florida Atlantic University, earning her CPA license shortly after. She worked for one of the Big 4 for a little (yuck)See More

and quickly learned it was not for her. She shifted to the private sector until crossing paths with Incite Tax and has not looked back! She loves meeting new clients and making them feel part of the team. Nicole moved to Miami in 2002 from Uruguay and has been living there since. She is 100% fluent in Spanish. She is obsessed with doing a HIIT workout almost daily and mixes it up with Pilates and lifting regularly. Being that she is so close to the beach, you can find her there religiously every weekend.

Jed Averett, EA

Tax Accountant

Jed earned a B.S. in Personal Financial Planning from Utah Valley University, he believes a key factor to financial success is tax efficiency and applies his experience and expertise to help individuals and business owners keep control of their hard-won earnings. He worked as a taxSee More

manager before coming to Incite Tax in 2022.

Before entering the tax industry, Jed was an Explosive Ordnance Disposal team leader in the Air Force fulfilling assignments in Germany, Kuwait, and Cape Canaveral, FL. His experience crosses over to successfully navigate strict regulatory environments, manage risk and maximize creative solutions in high stakes environments.

Outside of tax advising Jed enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife, three kids, and two dogs. His hobbies include snowboarding, surfing, and flying small airplanes.

Chase Thurgood

Tax Accountant

Bio coming soon…See More

Licensed IRS Haters

Mandy Thornton, CPA

Tax Analyst

Mandy graduated with her Master’s degree in Accounting from the University of Utah, earning her CPA license shortly thereafter. She worked for a small CPA firm for 8 years before joining the Incite Team. She joined our team in July 2015 and can’t imagine not working for Incite Tax! She loves being able to interact with clients and guide them in the right direction to save as much as See More

they can on their taxes. She is very organized and loves task lists. She has lived in Utah her whole life and absolutely loves the different seasons it provides! She takes advantage of the mountains being so close and spends as much time in mother nature as she can with her husband, dogs, and family.

Nathan Jarvis, CPA

Tax Accountant

Nate has been having a love affair with tax work since preparing his first tax returns in 2007. Seriously, being able to help someone save thousands of dollars in tax gives him a (natural) high every time. After he got hooked, he went back to school and completed master’s programs in business administration and accounting at University of Phoenix so he could come work for Incite See More

and feed his addiction full-time. He’s an entrepreneur at heart. As a family man with a gorgeous wife and five amazing children that make him a little too proud sometimes, Nate is living the dream. He loves to spend time teaching them how to tap dance and sing. He also likes to exercise with family and friends, and especially likes running because he can enjoy time with them in the great outdoors while getting into better shape.

Eryn Smith

Profit First Professional

Eryn is a former CrossFit gym owner and as far as we know, the only gym owner turned Profit First professional in the world! She graduated from Rutgers University in 2007 and proceeded to gallivant all over the country, moving from New Jersey to Hawaii, to southern California and northern California, then back to NJ, only to finally end up in North Carolina where she started See More

her gym, CrossFIt JuiceBox, in 2014. The gym was a huge success, but she found that she loved numbers and profit more than running the gym…so she sold the gym and opened another business providing bookkeeping and Profit First coaching to CrossFit gyms. In November 2018, she officially became part of the Incite team and could not be happier! She married her favorite workout partner, Carson and they have one son together, CJ.

Michele Baer, CPA

Tax Resolution Specialist

Michele graduated from the University of Utah with a bachelor’s degree in accounting. She is a CPA and started her career doing audit work for a local Utah CPA firm. She has been preparing taxes for the last 6 years and is excited to be working at Incite Tax. Her main goal is to help her clients run their businesses as efficiently as possible while paying the least tax legally allowed. See More

Michele is awaiting the arrival of her first grandchild. She loves reading, solving crossword puzzles, and spending time outdoors.

Sapphire Miranda

Tax & CFO Accountant

Sapphire joined the Incite team in June 2020 and comes with over 8 years of experience in accounting and tax. When she isn’t fully engaged and devoted to taxes, she enjoys working out and her favorite classes are spin and CrossFit. You can also guarantee she is planning her next adventure, whether that be a road trip down to Southern Utah, a beach vacation, or dreaming of See More

international destinations. She earned her BA in accounting from Colorado State University – Global and currently is enrolled in an MBA program at Southern Utah University. After completing her MBA she hopes to begin studying for the CPA licensure exam.

Adri Morris


Adri joined the Incite team in April 2020. She brings over 5 years of experience in public accounting and has done bookkeeping & accounting in the private sector for over 10 years. As a former small business owner, her favorite thing about Incite is helping small businesses thrive. She truly loves helping business owners organize and understand their finances! When she See More

isn’t at work, she loves crafting, kayaking with her family, playing with her 3 boys and snuggling her baby girl.

Becky Swain, CPA

Tax Accountant

Becky has been an accountant for as long as she can remember and a CPA for the past 17 years. She worked for a Big 6 firm in LA back in the day and then several small accounting firms in Utah until finding Incite Tax in August 2022. She loves interacting with small business clients and helping them find ways to get organized and save as much as possible on their tax returns. See More

She has a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Stanford University and an MBA from Utah State University. Her favorite place is her dad’s house on the beach in So Cal where she takes her family at least once a year. She loves spending time with her husband and 4 children hiking around Utah and camping at the national parks.

Tyson Vandenakker, CPA

Tax Accountant

Tyson was taught there are two things certain in life, so after spending three years digging graves, he decided it was time to specialize in the other certainty  . . . Taxes. He graduated from Columbia University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music. He went on to get his Master’s in Taxation from Weber State becoming a licensed CPA in August, 2017. He joined theSee More

Incite Tax team in September, 2019. He enjoys helping clients navigate the complexities of the tax code so they don’t pay more than they should. In his free time he spends time playing with his four children, watching shows with his wife and road tripping anywhere with something cool to see.

Leading IRS Haters

John Briggs, CPA

Founder & CEO

John Briggs graduated from Brigham Young University with a Master of Accountancy in Tax. He worked on corporate taxes and trusts in Orange County, CA with Deloitte & Touche, one of the four largest national accounting firms. With his educational background and work experience at Deloitte, John took a position asSee More

Controller for a Dish Network door to door sales company located in Provo, UT.

Ryan Vaughn

Marketing Guy

Ryan handles the marketing and growth of the company. Ryan went to Utah Valley University and studied business, Entrepreneurship. For the past 4 years he has been a devoted student of marketing. He is married and loves being with his beautiful wife. He thrives off success and thoroughly enjoys helping others. He is motivated andSee More

prides himself off transforming inefficiencies into very productive processes. If there is problem, look to him to remedy the situation. He is light hearted and makes anything he does enjoyable. Ryan is a cheerful individual who loves making others laugh and appreciate life.

Jade Jorgensen

Office Manager

Jade comes to Incite with more than a decade of experience in business management. She is passionate about business and accounting. She loves the accounting industry and is thrilled to work with accountants every day. She is a devoted mother and wife and enjoys spending her free time with her loving family.

Madison Hirase

Tax Manager

Madison joined the Incite team in August of 2021. Before coming to Incite, she owned a successful martial arts studio. That’s when she became interested in the accounting industry and helping small business owners find financial success. She’s currently working on her bachelors’ degree in accounting at Utah Valley University. See More

She loves to spend her free time in the outdoors. Some of her favorite activities are backpacking, snowboarding, dirt biking, rock climbing and training for Spartan races.

Kyle Nay

Bookkeeping Manager

Kyle graduated from BYU with his MAcc in Professional Accounting (consulting and audit services). Prior to joining the Incite Team, Kyle worked as an internal auditor for Vivint, a $2 billion public company, where he specialized in SOX compliance as well as internal process improvement. He is grateful to work with his amazing See More

tax accountant wife, Rachelle, and they have one son, Charlie, with more on the way in their future. Kyle has a passion for all things games, especially card and board games, and he also loves playing piano and singing with his wife. If you are looking for him, you’ll find him indoors, enjoying air conditioning and heating while other people brave the outdoors.

Fun Times with Great Clients