Are You Tracking Member Attendance?

By June 29, 2020July 12th, 2020Blog, Profit First

Today’s topic…Tracking Member Attendance.  

I touch on the importance of Tracking Member Attendance a bit more in my book Profit First For Microgyms, but today, I wanted to go over it briefly for you. 

Tracking Member Attendance is not necessarily about tracking EVERYONE who attends, but tracking when members DON’T attend or maybe only attended once or twice. These numbers can be a KEY PREDICTIVE INDICATOR for your Microgym’s memberships for the months to come..

When you track these metrics, they can show you which members are likely to cancel BEFORE THEY ACTUALLY DO, giving you time to potentially step in and figure out what that member needs in order to stick around.

This metric can also show you, as a gym owner, which coaches your members may not be jiving with, cause let’s be honest… It is NOT a productive expense to keep a coach that may be driving your members away.

Let’s use this as an example… Say you have two coaches, Bill and Jill, both teaching the same Wednesday class at 5:30pm. On the days that Bill teaches, you notice 2 or 3 members attending, but on Jill’s days, you have 10-12 members attending that same class, on average. It is important to know how to take that information and use it to understand what coaches and resources members are popular in your gym. 

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you are comparing the same DAY AND TIME, so that you get the most accurate metrics.

Remember, profitability is a choice. Choose to be financially resilient.





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