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Find Out The Best Accounting App For Your Business

By July 13, 2015Accounting, Business

Your Resource to Learn the Best Accounting App For Your Business

If you had to guess how many small business accounting apps there were on the market, what would you guess?  Well there are a shlew out there and all function with their own features and usability.  Since this is the case, we’d like to help you differentiate the options out there.

You have a small business and probably didn’t get a degree in accounting right?  Accounting may not be your cup of tea and in fact, you may want to round house kick your computer when having to think about dealing with updating your books.  Don’t stress about it anymore because these apps can help you on your way to the top.  Let’s look at some of the best accounting apps that will make your life a lot less “taxing.” #hadto

“I find accounting boring, so I’m probably not going to make a lot of money”- Juliana Hatefield

Lets take a look at which accounting app will suit your needs:


Arithmo is great for removing the intricacy out of calculating numbers by hand or from spreadsheets and automates the math for you much more simply.  Getting rid of those spreadsheets you have been saving for years and years and just updating by changing the date.


FinancialForce Accounting is an awesome app because integrates nicely with SalesForce.  If your business is using SalesForce, you should look into this app which can communicate information between your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and accounting software.  If you have those two talking together, it can remove a lot of inefficiencies you may not be aware of.


FreeAgent focuses on removing the accounting lingo so for a business owner who hasn’t ever been in accounting can understand what the crap is going on.  It helps you track information easily all on one intuitive interface.  It also backs up your data regularly which is a great feature to consider.


FreshBooks is one of the simplest accounting apps there is.  Even Forbes called it “incredibly user friendly.”  If you have never really used accounting, this app might be the one for you.  Its user friendly features come from its visualization and easy to use dashboard.  If you have used spreadsheets, the conversion to FreshBooks will be a breeze!


KashFlow is primarily geared for UK small business.  They are cool because they only use the most requested features from their ongoing customers.  Again, if you operate from the UK, give it a try.


Mint is so easy to use and gives you charts, graphs, and analytics that will make your life easy peasy.  It syncs with bank accounts, pulls information automatically, and classifies/remembers transactions. The main thing you have to do is make sure it is classifying your transaction properly.  Give it a try.


Nutcache is a feature rich accounting app that small business owners who use, love it.  It adds invoicing and time tracking functions.  It is free and it is a great competitor against some of these paid apps.

Sage One

Sage One might be one of the top choices for many of you small business owners.  It takes an approach to the tedious yet mandatory task of doing business, (Accounting).  The app focuses on making the regular parts of accounting automated so that you can get back to doing what you need to.

Sellsy Invoicing

Sellsy Invoicing is primarily for those small businesses who typically only need to send invoices, get payments, and send payment reminders.  Simplicity at its finest.

Quickbooks Online

QuickBooks Online is the original and most popular accounting app out there.  It is easily understood and there are features for all of your needs as a small business owner.  This will do it all for you.

Wave Accounting

Wave is a great resource to use with a ton of features.  From invoicing to payroll to receipts it works great.  The overall look feels clean and is not muddled up with a confusing interface.  You may want to be somewhat familiar with accounting to best utilize this accounting app.


Xero is an awesome, accounting app that you can use anywhere.  Its reconciliation feature is simple and seamless.  It has the full arsenal of features and is recommended for small business owners who have some handle on accounting.

Zoho Books

Zoho Books keeps it simple.  It integrates with its other business apps so if you use any other Zoho products they will work together flawlessly.  The accounting app only has the items you need and doesn’t get messy with stuff you wouldn’t use.

I Hate Bookkeeping! (Read on)

If you don’t like accounting, that’s just fine.  You are most likely not in business to be doing it.  These accounting apps are some of the best that you can utilize so that your business can grow and you can make decisions based on proper data.  Choose an accounting app above if you don’t have a way of tracking your finances or change if your current system is not doing it for you and let one of these alleviate some stress and get you back to focusing on your business.

Accounting is an essential part as a small business owner and in order for you to be the best in your industry, you must be tracking everything accurately.  When your accounting becomes a strength, your business has permission to really grow.

What accounting app do you prefer?  Tell us why you love it!

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