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Better Customer Management with Wodify

By November 9, 2020November 29th, 2020Accounting, Cash Management, Uncategorized

Today, we are excited to have a conversation with some folks from Wodify. 


What’s Wodify? It’s an amazing company that I am sure many of you have heard of. If not, I am very happy to be the one introducing them to you! 


One of the things we look at when we’re helping gym owners stay in business and reach profitability is how the gym owners are using their CRM software.


In today’s world so much of our tracking is required to be done through software. The more this is directly integrated into your CRM the better! Wodify is here today to give you some better insights on some things and questions you might have had. So let’s get started!


What are 3-5 tips that you have to help Gym Owners Evaluate which CRM they need?

First thing that comes to mind is what their training and support looks like… I think a lot of the time when someone is thinking about switching CRM softwares, it can be overwhelming, but if the CRM they are looking into has ongoing education and training that takes a lot of the pressure off. 


On a similar note, It is important to know there is reliable 24/7 customer service. As we all know gyms are not just 9-5 businesses and it is important that you have agents that can help you when things turn sour at 2am. I think that support is super important! 


Most importantly you need to be prepared to do some of the leg work yourself. Sure you can go to a website and see what features a CRM program has listed but more than just knowing a check mark next to a feature you will want to dig in and make sure the features are really what you are looking for. Be ready to have that conversation with the support Personnel on exactly what you are looking for and if this system REALLY will work for you. 


Another big one is understanding what your processing fees and fee structure is going to look like when you first get into it. A lot of gym owners look at the sticker price of the monthly fee and judge based solely on that. In terms of processing fees Wodify is one of the more expensive programs however the processing fees are some of the lowest. It is important that you look past that initial sticker price when making an evaluation based on price. 


Gym Owners have a lot of CRM options, so how is Wodify different than the other options?

I am always going to go back to support, as someone who worked on the support team I know how important that is and how much of a difference it can make on the impression of your business. 


Wodify has some of the best support available, we have evening and weekend hours available not just to the gym owners but to everyone on their team. We typically do our calls like zoom or a screen sharing so that more than just telling us a problem and us telling them how to fix it we can really dive in with them and empower them on how they can resolve it on their own in the future. 


In addition to that Wodify also offers a lot of different automation processes. We have automated emails that allow owners to follow up with members. We also have our new marketplace that keeps track of each member’s file so that it is easily accessible no matter which trainer or coach they talk to! 


Wodify is an all in one system, we had a lot of our customers coming over from companies where they were having to piece together multiple products in order to create the best CRM software that works for them. With Wodify they have a one stop shop for everything they need. 


How can a Gym Owner better Leverage the CRM to run their business more effectively?

As unfun as CRMs are to run versus your classes and coaching, it is really better in the long run if you run the CRM properly. Going in with the mindset of even though this isn’t fun the more I utilize the features the better experience I can offer my business and my members. We have Wodify academy where you can take classes to better learn the software and invest in your CRM to best help your company. 


As far as reporting and financial metrics, using your CRM to really reach that better financial clarity will help you better understand your business and how to improve it in the long run. 


Here at Wodify we recently revamped our reporting platforms because we know how important it is to have a really clear understanding of your metrics. There are hundreds of reports that can be accessed but there needs to be a better way to organize them. There needs to be a better place to go to get an overview of what is going on with your business. We have broken the reports down into 6 categories. 


One of those we call Business Health, it is a report where you get a high level report on how the business is doing. One of the metrics is the revenue by revenue category, basically this will tell you what your top performers are in regards to revenue so you can see where you need to invest your focus in. Another one is the average length of engagement that shows you how long you are retaining members to your gym. A key way to really increase the income for your gym is to lengthen that average time and retain those members. 


When I talk to Gym Owners on why they switched CRM’s I often hear “I felt like I was just a number.” Could you share with us, what is your passion and what motivates you to really help your customers?

Our company as a whole, finds a lot of fulfillment in, is to empower a fulfilled life. We are an empowerment tool for Gym Owners. Our job is to serve small business owners who have put everything, their livelihoods, on the line to build their business and follow their dreams. Our Passion is enabling gym owners to be successful, one of the main reasons we lose customers is because their business goes under. What keeps us up at night is trying to figure out what we can do to help our customers stay in business. 


This blog post is just a rough overview of what we talked about in our 30 minute interview with Wodify. I highly recommend checking out the whole video (located below), as well as their company as a whole. The passion and resources behind this company are really beyond compare and I feel confident in recommending them to help your company. 



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