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Bridge Loan- Are You Investing The Right Way?

By July 28, 2015Uncategorized

Understanding A Bridge Loan

One of my favorite things about my life is that I get to associate with amazing people across a wide variety of industries.  One of my amazing clients for the past 7 years is Stephen Gardner.  He has written a few books over the last couple years (some of which got the status of “best selling”). His latest book is titled “A Bridge Over Troubled Wall Street”.  (

It is an informative and quick read that covers the concept of bridge loans.  He covers the concept of a bridge loan as an investment very thoroughly and he highlights some other important things about some traditional avenues that most are unfamiliar with. (i.e.  Like the hidden fees you pay in mutual funds that are killing your wealth accumulation.)

Many of my clients never ask, but those that do get my straight shooting opinion, that I am not a fan of traditional retirement accounts.  I think it is THE best marketing job done by anyone, anywhere, at any point of history, for any reason.  (Notice I didn’t say one of the best.  Convincing my wife to marry me is darn close, but the “security and benefit” of these accounts that is sold to the American public is outstanding.)

A bridge loan is another option you may not be aware of.  That being said, I am a huge proponent that if you invest your money, you need to know what your money is doing, the fees associated with the investment, and understand the investment well enough to explain it in a casual conversation. (Hence another reason I don’t like 401ks, IRAs, etc.)


I found the information valuable.  So I would like to give you the book as a gift. (If you are interested. It’s ok if you are not.)   You can get the book in one of two ways. Either let us know you are coming by the office to pick up a copy or click on this link and we will mail it out to you.


Either way is fine. We will have copies of the book on hand and would love to see you in our office again or we are happy to cover the shipping as we know how busy you are.

I would love to hear from you in the comment section if you like or hate things like this. And if you read the book, what thoughts you had.


  • Brian says:

    Very cool idea. I like the short term.

  • Rick Kelley says:

    Investing in commercial bridge loans is a great way to profit in real estate without much if any risk. The returns are high and the mortgage fundyou loan your money to assigns their first lien position to you. The fund than invests their own money in the property and takes a second lien postion right behind your first. That ensures you get paid. Many people lend their money to private individuals who fix and flip properties. Most people who lend their money out like like this though don’t get first lien protection and they certainly don’t have a multi-milllion dollar mortgage fund promising in writing to pay them back principal and interest. It gets even better for ‘accredited investors’…Stephen has struck gold…..

    • Stephen says:


      Real estate really is a great way to go. Especially if you don’t have to actually own, manage or
      care for it. Just put your money to work and let it safely grow and compound. Thanks!

  • Dyson says:

    Milton Berle This week, we continue our conversation with Marc Sherrin, one of our preferred referrals for our clients who invest in bridge loans. The chappies you d like to lend money to won t let you, whereas the chappies you don t want to lend it to will do everything except actually stand you on your head and lift the specie out of your pockets.

  • Robt Wilber says:

    These loans, like hard money loans, are generally cross-collateralized and based on the equity in existing property portfolios. They can provide much needed liquidity and often less paperwork and hoops than a residential mortgage loan, but loan-to-values are often very restricted.

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