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Business Owners Should NOT be Living Paycheck to Paycheck

By January 14, 2022January 18th, 2022Cash Management, Profit First

Do you own a successful business, but somehow find yourself living paycheck to paycheck?


You likely started your business in part to not be in that position. It’s stressful getting your modest paycheck, spending most of it on bills within a few days and then living off a few hundred bucks, if you’re lucky, for the next three weeks. Success then becomes not getting behind on bills. Saving cash and growing your wealth are distant thoughts.


No one should have to live paycheck to paycheck, especially a successful business owner.


Profit First is a simple system that takes the stress out of managing your cash. Watch the short video below for an explanation of how just one of the principles of Profit First works to save your business money and allow you to actually pay yourself as the owner.



Profit First is an amazing cash flow management system that’s flexible enough to adapt to any business. It has 4 core principles as a foundation to guide all it’s other aspects. Download this explanation of what the core principles are and how they can work for you.


Now you can start thinking about saving some cash and growing your wealth. And you don’t have to make anymore money to start. You’re basically just making some adjustments and a small shift in mindset and your bank accounts will grow. It’s kind of fun to watch, but not too closely or you’ll want to spend too much again.


If you know you need more help and want to start off the year better than last year, then reach out and talk to a Profit First Professional.


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