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Can you argue a 492% revenue growth? 

Get ready for a mind-blowing lesson I learned that will save you from the relentless grind and ignite your business's growth

Can you argue a 492% revenue growth? 


Get ready for a mind-blowing lesson

I learned that will save you from the relentless grind and ignite your business’s growth with a potential for a 492% revenue growth!


Introducing the one and only 3.3 Rule—a savior for those suffering from nonstop work, burnout, and the dreaded overtime trap.

This method is like a superhero cape, rescuing businesses from the clutches of exhaustion and paving the way for unprecedented success!

Now, you might be wondering, does this new workday standard hinder growth?

Absolutely not!


In fact, it’s the secret sauce that propels businesses to thrive and flourish! 

Just ask my own business, which has experienced a jaw-dropping


492% revenue growth since implementing this rule.

Impressive, huh? 

But hold on tight, my friends, because the magic of the 3.3 Rule isn’t limited to the accounting industry.

Oh no, its transformative power knows no bounds!

Prepare to witness a wave of benefits washing over you and your team.


Let’s dive into the perks of adopting this new workday standard:


1️. Crisis? No problem!

With a little extra bandwidth, your team becomes a well-oiled machine ready to handle anything that comes their way. Quality work remains untarnished, while your company rises above the chaos. Crisis management?

More like crisis domination! 


2️. And here’s a delightful twist:

owners get the gift of time—

time to go above and beyond in caring for their team. Gone are the days of neglecting their well-being.

With the 3.3 Rule in place, you’ll witness a culture of care that leaves everyone feeling warm and fuzzy inside.


3️. Brace yourself for the ultimate team transformation!

As stress levels decrease, your workforce becomes a shining example of serenity.

The result?

Happier, healthier individuals who bring their A-game to the table. Retaining top talent? Consider it done! 


4️. Oh, did I mention that less stress leads to healthier lives?

It’s true!

Say goodbye to those tension-induced headaches and hello to a vibrant, energized team. The 3.3 Rule unlocks the door to a healthier, happier work-life balance for all. 


5️. Picture this: a harmonious team radiating joy and positivity.


Guess what?


Your clients will notice too! Dealing with a happy team is like a breath of fresh air for your clients.

It fosters a deeper connection, builds trust, and keeps those valuable partnerships intact. Happy team, happy clients, happy growth! 

So, my fellow professionals, are you ready to embrace the 3.3 Rule and unleash a whole new level of success?

Say goodbye to burnout and hello to a vibrant, thriving business that leaves a trail of awestruck competitors in its wake!


Join the revolution today and let’s redefine the workday standard together while including a 492% revenue growth!


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John Briggs | The 3.3 Rule Book

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The 3.3 Rule Book: The New Workday Normal




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