A Career Where Accountants See Their Family

Enjoy Work. Work Less.
Get Paid More.

Accounting Firms Suck and Make You Work Too Many Hours

If you are looking for a traditional career path (joining a big firm killing yourself for a decade or so to get to partner) as a tax accountant then we are NOT going to be a fit for you because we offer the Incite Tax alternative.

Instead of “paying your dues” working tirelessly for your senior manager, and busting your butt for a raise. At Incite Tax you create value you will be rewarded.

We have seen over the decade plus of experience the traditional path just isn’t great for you. You can offer value NOW, not in 5-7 years. You don’t have the time to get paid what your worth and in the meantime, struggle to see your family and provide for them sufficiently.

The Traditional firm is micromanaged, and we don’t believe in that at Incite Tax. We are loose, open, informal, sometimes a bit irreverent but not in ways that “cross the line”.

You can receive REAL opportunities that will change your life and your family’s forever.

Enjoy Work And Be Rewarded For Your Value!

Work for a company that embraces your strengths and allows you to THRIVE unlike any other traditional company

We know how it feels to be working 65-75 hours / week…

We understand you work hard and sometimes hardly get paid…

We know you deserve to be rewarded for your skill set

We understand the loss of freedom you feel sacrificing your time at work

Apply For The Last Job You'll Ever Want

A career and position path that fully satisfies all your work and family life needs

[ We have 2 Current Openings Below ]

Team members are called Inciters.

Most Inciters want to be rewarded for their efforts at work and spend more time with their families. We have a plan that ensures both of those desires are met, so you can make more money and feel fulfilled at work and at home.

Is that you?

Office Support – Position

Here are the things you would be doing. 

  • Help with answering phone calls
  • Provide general support to visitors
  • Manage e-file authorization documents
  • Support other team members with responsibilities and other tasks

Hourly Range: $10 -15


Inbound Sales Rep – Position

Here are the things you would be doing. 

  • Have a deep understanding of our company and who we are
  • Sell services to prospective clients that tailor to their situation best
  • Set up timely meetings to discuss how prospects can work with Incite Tax
  • Provide proactive follow ups to existing leads
  • Prepare and send pricing agreements to prospective clients
  • Create value to prospects through communication and education
  • Transition prospective clients into paying clients
  • Build and maintain client relationships
  • Meet and exceed financial goals
  • Understand and keep up to date with industry and competitive landscape knowledge
  • Answering inbound sales calls
  • Innovate on current processes and look for opportunities to improve efficiencies (all our team members are asked to do this)

Base Salary Range: $40,00 PLUS *10% Commission


Dissatisfied With Your Current Job?

Find out why Incite Tax is rated the best firm to work for, and how our team members get paid more here while working less hours than anywhere else.
  • No crazy billable hours
  • No conversations in January with your spouse that you’ll see them after April 15th
  • No more loads of stress doing so much work you can’t function
  • A job that you’re proud of telling people about
  • A place to call home and be valued for your ideas and innovations

5 Ways Incite Tax Changes Team Member's Lives

Learn why our Anti-accounting firm provides team members with fulfillment, more pay, and more flexibility at home.

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