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What the IRS Doesn’t Want You to Know

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Everyone’s favorite subject… the IRS!   Maybe a slight exaggeration, but everyone has to deal with them one way or another. The only interaction you might have with them is giving them your money when required. Sometimes more money than is required because you don’t know what you don’t know. Or it might be a more uncomfortable personal interaction through, say, an auditor. The IRS...
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Do you trust your accountant to help you grow financially?

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At Incite we firmly believe small businesses are the heart of the economy. Almost half of all employed people in the U.S. would be out of a job if all small businesses closed down, according to the SBA. That also means significantly less money being circulated, which would be devastating to the economy. That’s why you deserve to grow financially and the financial freedom that…

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Small Business Bookkeeping [Why a Professional Matters]

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Small businesses like yours are the heart of the economy. Bookkeeping is the foundation of all your financial activities. So it stands to reason that small business bookkeeping is critical to the health of the economy.   So, if it’s not already apparent… I cannot stress enough the importance of bookkeeping. ACCURATE and CONSISTENT bookkeeping.   Your books contain the data you need to make…

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Bookkeeping 101

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Whether you decide to stay inhouse or outsource, you need to know some bookkeeping basics. My goal is to give you a big picture overview of bookkeeping, so you’ll have a foundation to build your business knowledge on. The more you know. (Did anyone catch that reference?)   Bookkeeping is recording every transaction you make for your business in your books. Every cent you spend…

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