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Bookkeeping – Is it really that important?

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What exactly is bookkeeping?   To put it simply and more official sounding, bookkeeping is classifying and recording every business transaction in your books. Your books can be a literal book with pen and paper. Or like most people your books are in a software program like QuickBooks for example. On the surface it seems pretty straight forward, but once you get into classifications along…

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Why Your Business Will Benefit from Professional Accounting

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Note – This awesome post is written by a guest blogger, Chelsea Lamb with   Have you thought about hiring a professional accountant? If you run a small business, outsourcing your accounting is a no-brainer. Investing in professional accounting services from a company like Incite Tax & Accounting will help you save time and money, avoid tax-time stress, keep your employees happy, and more!…

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Interested In Our Services? -This Is What We Do

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From the outside, we look like just another tax and accounting firm, but our services are so much more than that… Sure, We Can Definitely File Your Tax Returns! It’s true, we help you file tax returns, both personal and business, but our services expand so much more beyond!   But… What About A Strategy For Your Money? One of the services that we provide…

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Accounting System a Mess? Fix it Fast!

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Mindset Change   “Accounting is a necessary evil.” Geez! That sounds like a prison sentence where you are stuck having to do something even though you hate it. We can never get excited about something if we think it’s evil. Accounting is necessary. Not evil. When it’s approached properly… Your accounting efforts will produce financial statements that give you insights into your cash flow. It…

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