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WHY did I start Incite Tax?

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Ever wondered how Incite Tax got started?   In my life I have had 2 very impactful events that led me to Incite Tax is and what we are doing. The first event was when I was working for a big accounting firm where I was just an entry level, kind of expendable employee.They talked about how I was going to be rewarded, get promotions, and…

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Why Form 1099-NEC Matters to You

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Form 1099-NEC is for business owners who use freelancers and independent contractors. The IRS has unveiled a new form. Yay!   Actually, Form 1099-NEC has already existed but was discontinued in 1982.   The IRS is simply bringing it back.   I know this feels overwhelming, but that’s why you’re reading this.   Form 1099-NEC, Nonemployee Compensation   For business owners who are familiar with…

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Responsibility and Trust With Your Finances

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Making Financial Decisions We all make financial decisions every day.  Whether we are deciding which restaurant to buy an Oreo shake from or if your company wants to buyout a multimillion dollar startup. Whatever the case may be, we are constantly choosing how our money is spent.  We usually think through these decisions because of a couple things: We don’t like excessively throwing away our…

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QuickBooks Online vs QuickBooks Desktop-Solutions for Business Growth

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Everyone who owns and operates a business needs to be tracking and recording transactions and accounts through some type of system.  This is obviously so you can know in an instant where your assets, liabilities, and other financial information are.  The majority of small business owners use QuickBooks as their bookkeeping software.  That is because it offers simple solutions to your day to day business…

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