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Monthly Bookkeeping Checklist

Tax Tips To Clean Up Your Books

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Tax Tips to Clean Up Your Books with a Monthly Bookkeeping Checklist The first thing you want to do is make sure that you actually have all of your transactions in your accounts. Accounting software has a reconciliation function. Reconciliation is an accounting word that basically means you go in and look at your books. You can see the transactions inside of your book software…

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Small Business Health Insurance Options and How to Deduct it from Your Taxes

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Let’s talk about small business health insurance options. Especially for you as the business owner, and then I’ll end with a brief mention of how to pay for health insurance and deduct it from your taxes. I’m only covering a small snippet of small business health insurance options here. You really do need to talk to a health insurance agent about the specific options that…

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Bookkeeping Basics for Small Business Owners

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Bookkeeping basics look different for small business owners than they do for accountants or bookkeepers. You have different priorities and responsibilities. So, this is not gonna be a do-it-yourself blog. I’m not gonna teach you things like how to debit and credit and do journal entries and reconcile your bank accounts. There’s lots of free blogs and videos on the internet. A simple Google search…

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