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Making Confident Decisions for Your Business

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I was asked recently, “How can I be confident in making the best decision for my business?” They went on to explain how they tend to have hesitancy when making big decisions. This is something I’ve dealt with firsthand. It’s not easy making confident decisions for your business, especially with outside forces changing so rapidly. No need to panic, though. Hopefully these tips I’ll share…

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How to Create a Positive Company Culture

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Company culture continues to be more and more important to small businesses as they realize the impact it has, both positive and negative. What’s great about culture and values in your organization is that you have control over building the culture you want. So, let’s get into the principles of how to create a positive company culture that we’ve used to create and maintain our…

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How to Hire the Best Employees

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As Incite Tax has accelerated its growth the past couple years, I’ve had many opportunities to talk about and help other small businesses with more than just accounting. Recently I was asked how to hire the best employees. I first need to start with some disclaimers. Years and years ago I met with a consultant named Dr. Sabrina, and she gave us a foundation. We…

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