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Should You Start a Business?

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The idea of being a business owner is really exciting. To be an entrepreneur seems like a higher status level. Who wouldn’t want the freedom to control their own schedule and do something they enjoy every day? Well, like most things in life, it’s a little more complicated than that. But… being an entrepreneur, self-employed, small business owner, whatever you want to call it, is…

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How to Deal with Your Tax Stress

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What? Are you saying taxes are stressful? You’re not alone. Why are taxes so stressful? Some people just don’t like doing the math, others may have a dislike of government authority, and WebMD says people who have been through an audit can actually suffer from posttraumatic stress syndrome during tax season. We know, the IRS sucks! But you shouldn’t have to let your tax stress…

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4 Tips on How to Stop Being Disorganized for the Small Business Owner

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As a business owner you know you need to keep track of your books, reports, documents, and receipts, but you also realize you’re not a naturally organized person. Well, props to you for recognizing one of your weaknesses. It doesn’t mean you are a weak person. You simply need to develop some habits for how to stop being disorganized. These are not best practices, per…

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Self-Employed Tax Deductions | Don’t Miss these Savings!

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If you’re a small business owner, you might be wondering if there’s some way you can combine your personal life and business life to maximize your self-employed tax deductions and probably feeling like you’re missing out on some tax write-offs as well. Unfortunately, you’re right. You probably are missing out on some of those deductions because many accountants will tell you no across the board….

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