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Controversial Statement: Tax Increases Harm Economic Growth

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As a company we prefer to stay politically neutral. That becomes extremely difficult as tax experts when tax policy becomes a political tool on both sides of the isle. That being said, we usually disagree with any sort of tax increase. They just go counter to our mission to save small businesses from paying too much in taxes. Perhaps more importantly is the impact you…

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Year End Planning is a lot more than simple deductions.

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Why would you want to think about tax strategies when the years almost over?   Year end planning is too often a missed opportunity to further improve your current tax situation and plan for maximized tax savings next year. That’s a lot of value for just one meeting with your accountant.   Most of our clients think tax strategy boils down to deductions. That makes…

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How Corporations Reduce Small Business Taxes

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The proper business entity will save you tons on taxes.   Let’s start with why. Why would corporations and LLCs be good for small business taxes? It’s quite simple. If you don’t have any business structure whatsoever, then you are very likely operating a business illegally AND missing out on huge money saving opportunities. (We also have this brief video summarizing why they are important.)…

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How to Implement Profit First [Meeting #1]

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To implement the Profit First system with a new client, we have 4 initial meetings to get everything straight and everyone on the same page. We’ll go through our entire implementation process over the course of 4 blog posts. You’ll know how to implement Profit First for yourself.   Bookkeeping Review   Profit First is only as good as the bookkeeping history. To make the…

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