Why Value is Better Than Being Cheap

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Value is Better We Work for You to Save You on Taxes. Did you know that within 5 miles of our office location, there are currently 28 accounting firms?  As a point of reference, that is a lot! Did you also know there is really no barrier to entry to become a tax preparer?  Sure you have to pass a background check and give your…

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Getting Great Service- That is What We All Want

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Getting Great Service is what every person wants. If you’ve ever met us and had any length of conversation with us hopefully 2 things become apparent. 1) We hate the IRS (and you should too). 2) We feel the tax and accounting industry is really lazy. (Which is a big problem because all those people using lazy CPAs don’t realize they aren’t getting great service,…

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Responsibility and Trust With Your Finances

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Making Financial Decisions We all make financial decisions every day.  Whether we are deciding which restaurant to buy an Oreo shake from or if your company wants to buyout a multimillion dollar startup. Whatever the case may be, we are constantly choosing how our money is spent.  We usually think through these decisions because of a couple things: We don’t like excessively throwing away our…

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Learning to Cash Out Without Selling Out

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Cash Out Without Selling Out The Human Dimensions of Exiting a Business Provided By:  Jake Rust, Northwestern Mutual Of all the things an entrepreneur thinks about, exiting the business isn’t usually top of the list. Yet without a formal succession or transition plan, a closely held business risks not only its longevity, but also its bottom line. That’s because a lot can happen along the…

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Simple Steps for Your Retirement Plan

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Want to Build a Sound Retirement Plan? Start With These Three Essential Steps Provided By: Jake Rust, Northwestern Mutual Like most people, you may find it difficult to predict what you’ll be doing a year from now, let alone in one or more decades. Yet the ability to project into the future may be crucial to making long-term financial goals more achievable, according to a…

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How much do the wealthy really contribute?

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The Tax Foundation did a report “Putting a Face on America’s Tax Returns.”  It has some factual information that many socialists, Obama supporters, and uneducated voters may find surprising. Income taxes today are the top source of revenue for our government coming in at around $1.38 trillion. Who pays that? The truth is, everyone feels like they are the ones that pay it. People…

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