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Cash Management

Bookkeeping – Is it really that important?

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What exactly is bookkeeping?   To put it simply and more official sounding, bookkeeping is classifying and recording every business transaction in your books. Your books can be a literal book with pen and paper. Or like most people your books are in a software program like QuickBooks for example. On the surface it seems pretty straight forward, but once you get into classifications along…

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Filtering Niches: Deciding who to work with

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Here at Incite tax, we are really big fans of Niching and helping others find niches, because, honestly, it is really profitable!    How Is Niching Profitable?   Well, that’s simple… When we truly know and understand the types of pain points and issues our clients are facing, we are able to better cater our services to them.    Consider us as an example…   …

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No. 1 Lesson Apollo 13 Can Teach Business Owners About Profitability

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Humans can accomplish amazing things with limited resources — as the Apollo 13 mission taught us.   The mission was to land on the moon, but an explosion in one of the oxygen tanks forced the crew to return to Earth as quickly as possible with no moon landing. Losing one oxygen tank meant that at some point before the shuttle made it back to…

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