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Cash Management

Marketers: It’s Time To Stop Doing This!

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Marketers, It’s Honestly Getting Annoying I have noticed that more and more emails and messages from marketers talk about increasing your “profit” or how to “increase your profit”. Whether this is marketers or coaches or mentors, a LOT of these programs like to use that magic word Profit.    However, once you dive in and do a bit more research you find that they are…

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Bigger Isn’t Better: A Tale of Two Microgyms – and a Lesson in Finance

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Here’s a story about two microgyms we work with.   We’ll call the first one Multigym LLC.   Multigym LLC is in a major U.S. city. At the time of writing, the two owners had four locations earning more than $1 million in revenue.   The second gym we’ll call Singlegym LLC.   Singlegym LLC is in a small market. It has one location and…

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