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Top 13 IRS Red Flags

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Triggering an audit is one of the biggest fears of small business owners when it comes to taxes. You’re probably even willing to overpay if it means avoiding any IRS red flags. Generally, when we think of red flags, we are thinking of an audit. It might surprise you to know that we are audited by the IRS more often than we realize. I think…

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How to Resolve Tax Debt with the IRS

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My wish for the world would be to pay the least amount as possible for taxes, always on time, and not have any debt whatsoever. However, reality looks a little different. One thing we’ve learned from this pandemic is circumstances can change in an instant. Entire industries can be shut down at the snap of a finger. Revenue can get chopped by over half overnight….

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What the IRS Doesn’t Want You to Know

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Everyone’s favorite subject… the IRS!   Maybe a slight exaggeration, but everyone has to deal with them one way or another. The only interaction you might have with them is giving them your money when required. Sometimes more money than is required because you don’t know what you don’t know. Or it might be a more uncomfortable personal interaction through, say, an auditor. The IRS...
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Top 8 Audit Triggers To Avoid

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Audit Triggers Can Be Avoided. You just can’t let any of these COMMON mistakes happen with your situation. “Hey, I’m so excited, I just got an IRS letter” – said no one EVER! Maybe you’ve been there. Maybe you’ve hoped it will never happen. And we don’t ever want you to go through one either, so sit back, take note, and go through our list…

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