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Top 8 Audit Triggers To Avoid

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Audit Triggers Can Be Avoided. You just can’t let any of these COMMON mistakes happen with your situation. “Hey, I’m so excited, I just got an IRS letter” – said no one EVER! Maybe you’ve been there. Maybe you’ve hoped it will never happen. And we don’t ever want you to go through one either, so sit back, take note, and go through our list…

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Getting Great Service- That is What We All Want

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Getting Great Service is what every person wants. If you’ve ever met us and had any length of conversation with us hopefully 2 things become apparent. 1) We hate the IRS (and you should too). 2) We feel the tax and accounting industry is really lazy. (Which is a big problem because all those people using lazy CPAs don’t realize they aren’t getting great service,…

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Reduce Your Chance of Audit

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Audits and Your Defense Against Them Reduce Your Chance of Audit Here Many of us hear the word “Audit” and shriek into the depths of misery.  Let’s just ease your mind a little and help you know what you can do to reduce your chance of audit and having to deal with these clowns. (IRS Auditors that is.) The IRS is no longer limited in…

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Statutory Employees – My Rant!

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Uncle Sam Grinch can be green with greed often.  The “statutory employee” is certainly one of those areas. What is a statutory employee?  IRS defines them as independent contractors that may be treated as employees for employment tax purposes.  Oh blessed charitable spirit of the IRS!  The taxpayer may be treated as employees for the 15.3 payroll tax.  It should read have to be treated…

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