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IRS Loses Billions – really? Crappy Data leads to these ridiculous claims.

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Accounting Today posted an article by Michael Cohn early July 2014.  The article summarizes a report from the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration(TIGTA).  (A position created in 1998 to provide independent oversight of IRS activities.) I have four major issues with this report. First – The title itself is a sign of everyone’s misunderstanding of the IRS.  The IRS collects money for the…

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Don’t Believe the IRS

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You don’t have to believe the IRS The IRS mails millions of letters out to taxpayers every year.  We kindly refer to these as nastygrams.  There are around 76 different types of letters you could get. Each has a notice number that only the IRS seems to know about.  They tend to treat you like an idiot if you don’t know what notice number…

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