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Should I Worry About 1099's

Should I Worry About 1099’s?

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Should I Worry About 1099s? No…and yes. If you’re a freelancer, gig worker, or independent contractor, you’re probably familiar with the infamous 1099 form. But if you’re new to the game, you might be wondering: Should I Worry About 1099s? First of all, what is a 1099? It’s a tax form that’s used to report income that’s not earned as an employee. If you’re a…

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5 Tips for Improving the Hiring Process

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By guest blogger: Steven Chen      1. Identify hiring problems.  Discover what parts of your organization are having problems and why. You can do this by: Asking your HR and department heads for their opinions. ‘Why are people quitting? Why have they become problematic? Why are they being fired?’ Making sure each department and/or HR carries out exit interviews. Ask people who leave why they are leaving, and…

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Statutory Employees – My Rant!

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Uncle Sam Grinch can be green with greed often.  The “statutory employee” is certainly one of those areas. What is a statutory employee?  IRS defines them as independent contractors that may be treated as employees for employment tax purposes.  Oh blessed charitable spirit of the IRS!  The taxpayer may be treated as employees for the 15.3 payroll tax.  It should read have to be treated…

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