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Profit First

Seasonality in Business and the Beauty of Profit First

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Almost all industries have seasonal fluctuations in revenue. The travel industry sees an increase during the summer months. As an accounting firm our busiest season is January-April. The Construction industry and landscapers generally see a major decline in revenue during the winter. So how do you deal with seasonality in business to survive the slow months? Well, that’s the beauty of Profit First! It solves…

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How to Manage your Cash Flow and Books when you’re Not Good with Numbers

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You’ve probably felt it at times looking over your financial statements. “Um… I can read the numbers, but are they good or bad? What are they trying to tell me?” Then you’re told by financial experts to perform a deep analysis so you can run projections and create a budget. That’s a whole slew of more numbers and complicated calculations on top of still trying…

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What Should You Do When Allocating Cash to Different Bank Accounts?

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We Want You to have Clarity in Your Cash Flow. You want to have clarity in your cash flow so whether you’re allocating cash, wanting to reward your employees, or creating an expansion plan, you can make smarter more focused money decisions. Often times when running the Profit First for Microgym’s system (the best way to manage your cash flow each month), we get asked…

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