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How to Create a Positive Company Culture

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Company culture continues to be more and more important to small businesses as they realize the impact it has, both positive and negative. What’s great about culture and values in your organization is that you have control over building the culture you want. So, let’s get into the principles of how to create a positive company culture that we’ve used to create and maintain our…

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What is the Tax Deadline for 2022?

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I recently watched a TED Talks video, Inside the Mind of a Master Procrastinator by Tim Urban. Procrastinators have this Instant Gratification Monkey in their mind that makes them easily distracted by everything else except for what actually needs to be done, and the only thing the Monkey is afraid of is the Panic Monster which only comes out when a deadline is involved. So,…

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Responsibility and Trust With Your Finances

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Making Financial Decisions We all make financial decisions every day.  Whether we are deciding which restaurant to buy an Oreo shake from or if your company wants to buyout a multimillion dollar startup. Whatever the case may be, we are constantly choosing how our money is spent.  We usually think through these decisions because of a couple things: We don’t like excessively throwing away our…

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