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Tax Deductions

Small Business Health Insurance Options and How to Deduct it from Your Taxes

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Let’s talk about small business health insurance options. Especially for you as the business owner, and then I’ll end with a brief mention of how to pay for health insurance and deduct it from your taxes. I’m only covering a small snippet of small business health insurance options here. You really do need to talk to a health insurance agent about the specific options that…

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Self-Employed Tax Deductions | Don’t Miss these Savings!

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If you’re a small business owner, you might be wondering if there’s some way you can combine your personal life and business life to maximize your self-employed tax deductions and probably feeling like you’re missing out on some tax write-offs as well. Unfortunately, you’re right. You probably are missing out on some of those deductions because many accountants will tell you no across the board….

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Can You Write Off a Car for Business?

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If done properly, yes! You can most certainly write off a car for business. If you didn’t already know this, the IRS sucks! The average small business owner can expect to pay about 19% in taxes. That’s just your business and doesn’t even include your personal income taxes. Uncle Sam is greedy and will tax everything from your groceries to your property. And while we…

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