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3 Overlooked Tax Deductions to Easily Make You Thousands of Dollars

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Don’t Miss Out on These Overlooked Tax Deductions Most people and especially business owners are thinking about taxes right now. Some are even on google right now trying to find the best overlooked tax deductions so they don’t get whip-lashed by their tax bill. Some of the questions on everyone’s mind, and probably yours are: “How much am I going to owe?”, or “Will I…

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How do you Choose? 1099 or W-2?

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How will you ever choose, 1099 or W2? The IRS created a 20-point checklist that a business owner can use to determine if the new hire is an employee or a contractor.  Just because one says he’s an employee or one says she’s a contractor doesn’t make the determination.  The whole list has to be considered. Please also note that if you want the new…

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Let’s Start Deducting Tools and Equipment For Your Business

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Deducting Tools of Your Trade You’ve bought the equipment you need for your business right?  Perhaps you are still researching what types of tools you’re wanting to purchase.  It seems there is always more equipment you are needing to buy to keep the business operating like a streamline butterfly.  Why don’t we take a look at the advantages of deducting tools can be for you…

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