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Tax Strategy

Filtering Niches: Deciding who to work with

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Here at Incite tax, we are really big fans of Niching and helping others find niches, because, honestly, it is really profitable!    How Is Niching Profitable?   Well, that’s simple… When we truly know and understand the types of pain points and issues our clients are facing, we are able to better cater our services to them.    Consider us as an example…   …

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Success In Spite of 2020

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Today, I had the opportunity to sit and have a conversation with Billy Hofacker, a successful gym owner and business coach.    We discuss how he navigated the awfulness of 2020, from the start of COVID and business and gyms shutting down across the county to tentative reopenings.   He shares with us some things that he felt went right and is also transparent about…

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5 Huge Tax Saving Strategies

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If you’re sick of being stuck paying a lot in taxes and are looking for some strategies to keep more money, then review these top 5 huge tax saving strategies and take action right now.   Paying attention to these as a business owner will not only make you a lot of money right now, but it will also grow your bank account perpetually, remove…

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2019 Tax Planning Strategies to Save During Tax Time

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Tax Planning Strategies You Should Consider before the year is up We know how you like the quick and dirty versions, so we won’t be long winded or technical. Here are a few things to consider when planning to take advantage of the tax code. Deferring Income – In the simplest of explanations, this is postponing income until next year.  Maybe that means asking that…

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