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How to Deal with Your Tax Stress

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What? Are you saying taxes are stressful? You’re not alone. Why are taxes so stressful? Some people just don’t like doing the math, others may have a dislike of government authority, and WebMD says people who have been through an audit can actually suffer from posttraumatic stress syndrome during tax season. We know, the IRS sucks! But you shouldn’t have to let your tax stress…

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You Missed the Tax Deadline. What Now?

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The dreaded tax season is over. Tax Day has come and gone and the deadline to file and pay is now passed. But what the heck happens now if you missed the tax deadline? We’re talking specifically about federal income tax penalties here. You’ll need to look up your own state penalties as each state will be different.   Minor Tangent We’re not getting into…

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What is the Tax Deadline for 2022?

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I recently watched a TED Talks video, Inside the Mind of a Master Procrastinator by Tim Urban. Procrastinators have this Instant Gratification Monkey in their mind that makes them easily distracted by everything else except for what actually needs to be done, and the only thing the Monkey is afraid of is the Panic Monster which only comes out when a deadline is involved. So,…

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