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  • We communicate and get back to you quicker than traditional accountants
  • You’re communicated with in simple terms – no technical jargon
  • You’ll get proactive advice on building your overall wealth
  • You’ll make more money having us as your professional
  • You’ll love our creative mindset on awesome money making strategies
  • You’ll love our robust and well rounded service offerings

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    The Raw Uncut Truth

    This will sound strange, but I HOPE I have as much "fun" writing my checks to the government this year as I did last! After all the hassle I have been through with the IRS and the State over the last few years, you and your team made it a "joy" to like to pay taxes. You did everything you said you would....I like doing business with people like that..... Thank you.

    Brent S.

    Your team is MONEY! Of all the people I have worked with on taxes, YOU have the best team by far. Appreciate you guys. Thank you again.


    In this day and age where everything is automated and digital, Incite Tax is a welcome change. There are few companies we could or would recommend to every one of our friends, but we find whenever someone even mentions "tax or accounting", we are excited to refer Incite Tax.

    These guys are the real deal - responsive, knowledgeable, kind, helpful, patient teachers, and fun to work with. This combination is often unheard of in the accounting world. If you're looking for expert help, look no further!

    Julie Weldon

    Awesome! Thank you!! Thanks for all your help and being flexible as I also try to hold things off to finalize a refinance. Thanks for your speedy response in getting the taxes sent. The joys of making everything work. Thanks again!!


    In 20+ years of doing taxes this has been the best experience ever. You guys rock, keep up the good work.


    This will be our first refund in over 5 years. I'm excited. My husband has always used the same guy year after year. When I showed him the money, his first comment was "I think I like your accountant!". I couldn't be more pleased! Thank you!


    Thank you for your service. You guys do an amazing job.


    Thanks for all your help and advice. I always feel like I get my questions (even lame ones) answered in a way that I can understand! THANK YOU!


    You have been different.... every time, you have been responsive, kind, and thorough. And, often, we don't tell people things like that enough. So, thank you for being different. For providing us a level of service that we talk about with our friends. We appreciate you and thought you should know that.


    I would like to thank you for saving me from my taxophobia and helping me to create a more profitable business. I truly appreciate your knowledge, professionalism and your patience with all my questions.

    I look forward to continuing to work with Incite!


    I have had the opportunity in my businesses to work with Dustin and John. When we purchased Oxford Dental Care it was a no-brainer to have Dustin do our taxes. He is very responsive whenever we have any questions and always makes sure that we pay the least amount possible on our taxes even if it requires extra time from him. I recently had a friend approach me for a good accountant and I referred him to Dustin. He came back a few weeks later letting me know how grateful he was that I referred him to Dustin because he had saved over $20,000 on his taxes. It is hard to explain how comforting it is to know that you have someone like that working for you. As a business owner you wear 20 different hats. Thanks to Incite Tax I have one less hat to worry about!

    Adam Smith

    Thank you so much for being so great!!!
    We are so grateful for all your hard work and love working with you.

    Brittney Irvine