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Conversation With Chris Thorndike: How To Increase Prices

By April 11, 2021Blog, Microgyms

Today, Chris joins us for a conversation on how to increase prices at your gym.


Change can be scary.

It is important that we are strategic and intentional about our price increases so that we can retain your members and continue to grow as a gym.

We see a lot of the same mistakes.

Between Chris and I’s combined years of working with gym owners, we have seen the same mistakes over and over when it comes to growing their business and pricing their classes and services.

Oftentimes, they think the answer is to expand the square footage when truthfully, the answer likely lays in your pricing.

Don’t make the same mistakes, increase prices.

In this conversation, Chris and I are going to share our experiences and lessons learned working with gym owners through this pandemic.


Catch my entire conversation with Chris by clicking on the video below!


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