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Do you trust your accountant to help you grow financially?

At Incite we firmly believe small businesses are the heart of the economy. Almost half of all employed people in the U.S. would be out of a job if all small businesses closed down, according to the SBA. That also means significantly less money being circulated, which would be devastating to the economy. That’s why you deserve to grow financially and the financial freedom that comes with it. And that’s why you will continue to be our focus.


Incite began as a tax firm because, well… we love sticking it to the IRS and taxes are a very practical way to achieving our goal of keeping small businesses open and helping the owners grow their wealth.


As we’ve grown as a company over the years, our service offerings have increased along the way. On top of taxes, we also serve our clients with BOOKKEEPING, PROFIT FIRST CASH FLOW MANAGEMENT, CONSULTING, along with numerous WEALTH CREATION POSTS and FINANCIAL ADVICE VIDEOS to further educate more small business owners. Everything we do is to guide you to planned wealth so you can stay in business in order to leave a footprint on your community.




The fact is we have to pay taxes. There’s no way around it. With the experience and expertise of our professional CPA’s, we make sure you pay the least amount as legally possible. We’ve amassed multiple tax strategies that have saved thousands for business owners. Some strategies the typical accountant doesn’t even know about, while other normal accounting firms are afraid to use them because of lack of training.


These strategies are top notch for small business owners who are looking to increase their immediate take home pay, and overall wealth long-term.


We do all we can to save business owners money on their taxes. And if the IRS does try to bully you, we will step in and handle them. It’s very satisfying to call them out and send them running.


We have monthly options which allow you to keep a more regular pulse on your tax situation and often leads to even more savings. The increased savings are a result of…


  • Multiple tax strategy meetings throughout the year.
  • Regular tax projections and analysis so you know what to expect when it comes time to pay.
  • Unheard of UNLIMITED email consulting and support.


That means unlimited access to your tax professional. They’re just an email away.




Bookkeeping is the foundation of accounting and let’s face it, most business owners would rather clean the bathroom than do bookkeeping. Our monthly bookkeeping service provides so much relief, more time for other aspects of your business and what you need to make great business decisions.


More examples of how we are not so traditional when it comes to our bookkeeping service.


  • Dedicated monthly bookkeeping
  • Customized monthly financial reports
  • Analysis of Key Performance Indicators
  • Quarterly financial checkups
  • Financial analysis education


Cash Flow Management


As soon as we discovered Profit First, we implemented it within Incite and it’s been amazing. Cash flow is one of the hardest things for a business to consistently track and manage well.


-With Profit First you won’t have to worry about how to pay your taxes.

-You’ll receive regular pay for the day to day work you do for your business.

-On top of the owner’s pay, you’ll get a quarterly profit distribution.


We can teach you about the system and help you implement it so it fits with your business and industry. You’ll benefit the most by having us do it all for you on a monthly basis. We’ll train you on it, work with you to implement it to fit with your internal systems and do all the allocations for you.


A couple years ago, we discovered we were making more than just one or two changes to some aspects of the Profit First system for a niche group of small gym owners. So, in order to spread that knowledge, John wrote a book, Profit First for Microgyms. Another resource to help small business owners grow financially.




The number one thing you probably want, whether you’ve thought about it or not, is to consult with a professional. Consulting is extremely customized to your situation. Simply schedule a call and ask whatever’s on your mind. It really is the best service.


We are the number #1 choice for small business owners looking to increase their wealth and grow their business as fast as possible. All of the services we offer help us achieve that. We’re not just a tax firm. We’re a wealth generating machine! Bookkeeping, cash flow management and consulting work together to give you clarity in your financial actions which enable you to use your wealth for good.


Schedule a call today with one of our professionals to take advantage of all our services.





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