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The Final Tax Extension Deadline


As the calendar races forward, it’s time to mark an important date – the final extension deadline for tax filers. If you’re not already aware, the deadline to file for S Corporations has already passed. However, there’s another crucial date looming on the horizon: October 16th is the final extension filing deadline for personal returns and C Corporations.

Before we delve further into this, let’s clear up a common misconception. The final deadline to pay your taxes was back in April. The extension, which we’re discussing, adds six months to the deadline for filing your tax return. In essence, the IRS is willing to grant you more time to prepare your paperwork, but they expect you to pay any taxes owed upfront.


The Pitfalls of Procrastination


Here’s a friendly piece of advice: procrastination isn’t your friend in tax matters. If you’re reading this now and it’s past April 15th, and you owe taxes, you’re already well past the original filing deadline. Because of this, your accountant may be reaching out for documentation; it’s crucial to respond promptly. Your accountant can’t finalize your return without the necessary information. So, please, extend the same courtesy and efficiency to them as you’d expect in return.

Moreover, a quick observation: if your accountant has to rush through your tax preparations it often increases the likelihood of errors. When you’re pressed for time, it’s easy to overlook details or make mistakes. So, try to give yourself and your accountant adequate time to prepare your taxes correctly.

Remember, it’s in your best interest to stay on the IRS’s good side. To do that, file your taxes as soon as possible and pay any outstanding amounts without delay.


Year-End Tax Planning: A Strategic Move


Now, as we’re past the extension deadline, it’s a great time to start thinking about year-end tax planning. Take some time to evaluate if there are strategies that can be implemented to reduce your tax liability for the upcoming year.

We have a comprehensive year-end tax planning guide that offers 28 valuable ideas to consider. Feel free to download it using the link below. It might provide you with some excellent tax-saving strategies or, at the very least, useful talking points to discuss with your accountant.

In conclusion, the IRS may not be your favorite entity, but we’re here to help you navigate the complexities of the tax system. Remember, when it comes to taxes, time is often of the essence. Act promptly, communicate effectively with your accountant, and plan ahead to ensure you stay on top of your financial obligations and keep the IRS at bay.



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