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    Having a coach work through Profit First enabled us to COMPLETELY ELIMINATE $60,000 worth of debt in just FIVE MONTHS. What we could not get a hold of in 2.5 years on our own, we were able to eradicate in 5 months with some help and accountability from Incite. - Chriss Smith - Trident Crossfit
    Incite is not your normal accountants, they communicate and bring so much value to the table. They have also been so great at helping me stay organized and even create better habits with my financial situation. One thing that I really have enjoyed is their cash management systems. It also feels awesome that they deal specifically with Affiliate owners and understand our concerns, pain points, and model - Joyce Shiffler - CrossFit Renaissance
    Working with Incite has been good for me and my business. I don’t stress over bills like before and I am taking home more money because of their guidance and the cash flow systems.. - Chris Ball - West Coast Strength and Conditioning