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Escape the Burnout Trap: Become an Untraditional Accountant

Escape the burnout trap: become an untraditional accountant

Burnout Blitz


So, you’ve seen it. 

You’ve likely experienced the soul-crushing burnout that plagues the accounting industry. 

We traditional accountants are all too familiar with the never-ending piles of client documents, the mountains of mind-numbing data prep, and the endless back-and-forth emails. 

But fear not! It’s possible to escape the burnout trap.

The Burnout Dilemma


Let’s cut to the chase, my fellow accountants. 

While we have morbidly created a stigma that being busy is a sign of worth, the team member putting in long hours isn’t usually thinking, “I’m happy to do this because it’s going to really benefit me.” 

They are usually thinking, “If I don’t do this, I’m going to be fired.” 

Which could very well be true. 

Can you smell the burnout yet? 

How to Combat Burnout: Listen to Your Body and Mind


One of the key aspects of avoiding burnout is paying attention to the signals your body and mind are sending you. 

Pushing yourself too hard without allowing for proper rest and self-care can lead to burnout. 

Take note of feelings of exhaustion, irritability, or decreased motivation. 

These signs are indicators that you may need to slow down and recharge.

Set Boundaries and Learn to Say No


It’s essential to establish boundaries and learn to say no when necessary. 

Often, burnout arises from overcommitting ourselves and feeling obligated to take on more than we can handle. 

Prioritize your tasks and responsibilities, and don’t be afraid to delegate or ask for help when needed. 

Remember, saying no to one thing means saying yes to your mental well-being.

Take a vacation from your normal work:

Block off a long weekend, or an entire week, and set up an email auto responder just like you would if you went on vacation and are out of the office. 

You don’t need to lie and say, “I’m on vacation, see you when I get back.” 

You can be honest and still accomplish this. “I’m currently doing some other things that are deeply important to me. I’m back in the office on this date.” 

Now with your schedule blocked off like you would be on vacation, ignore your email. 

Ignore your phone.

Overall, Enough is Enough, My Fellow Burnt-out Accountants! 


Pushing yourself to the edge for the sake of staying busy helps no one in the long run. 

Escape the burnout trap and join the journey of becoming an untraditional accountant!

Come on, what are you waiting for?

Oh, One Last Thing,  


Everything we covered in today’s blog about escaping the burnout trap and becoming an untraditional accountant actually comes straight from the pages of my brand-new book, “The 3.3 Rule”, hitting shelves in fall 2023!

This awesome guide spills all the secrets about avoiding burnout and increasing productivity.

If you’re as excited as I am, go ahead and preorder it today! Happy reading!





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