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Filtering Niches: Deciding who to work with

By March 16, 2021March 30th, 2021Blog, Cash Management, Tax Strategy

Here at Incite tax, we are really big fans of Niching and helping others find niches, because, honestly, it is really profitable! 


How Is Niching Profitable?


Well, that’s simple… When we truly know and understand the types of pain points and issues our clients are facing, we are able to better cater our services to them. 


Consider us as an example… 


We work with gym owners. We know that the people who are in our community have a passion for health and fitness and want to work with an accountant that understands the struggles that are unique to them. They can trust that we can understand their mission and will strategize with them, as well as help them save money come tax time. 


Who Would You Rather Work With?


Wouldn’t you rather work with people or organizations that you know you align with and that you know understand your business? Sure, any old accountant can get the job done and file your returns, but would an accountant with no experience or understanding of the fitness industry be able to maximize your deductions or strategize on how you may be able to increase the cash flow in your gym? 


Niching Does Not Mean Exclusion


I know that being TOO specific can feel like you are turning clients away, but that is NOT the case. I want to remove the negative stigma surrounding niching and make people see that you are actually doing a disservice to your clients by trying to serve everyone. 


What Are The Benefits Of Niching?

When you niche down, you allow your clients to easily find you. You will also find that they are more likely better to fit in with your current community and team. They will appreciate the like-minded environment, because, let’s be honest, we like to be around people who think like us and value the same things as us. 


The Problem With NOT Niching…

Truthfully, I don’t really even like to call it “filtering”, but for lack of a better word, that’s what we will call it… If you choose not to filter your clients and just say yes to any and all, you will find that you are often having to navigate compatibility issues which can be one of the biggest productivity killers. 


Your team, your other members, and your new members will all suffer when you are not specific enough about who you want to work with. 


Bottom Line…

Niching = More Profit

Niching = Deeper satisfaction from customers

Niching = Happier Team

Niching = Clarity 


Take a look at the full video to learn more!



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