Rhythm Days Make For Healthy Finances

By November 1, 2019 December 25th, 2019 Profit First

Let’s talk RHYTHM DAYS!


What is a “Rhythm Day”?…


Now, as a white guy with absolutely no natural rhythm I am sure you are wondering what on EARTH I could possibly teach anyone about rhythm.


No, sadly I am not about to break out into some super cool dance moves.


What I am referring to when I say “Rhythm Days” is a profit principle that is really the bread and butter of the Profit First system.

I go into more detail in my book, which I HIGHLY recommend you reading. Today, however, I have created a video to help give a rough overview of the concept.


Rhythm days are really where all the theories and processes you are doing in the Profit First system actually happen.


You can consider it the workout of Profit First, because it is where the work happens.


We recommend seating down twice a month and allocating your money from your income account to the other small plate accounts that we recommend in the Profit First system.


It is a way to get the money that has a purpose out of the main account to remove the temptation. We commonly recommend doing this on the 10th and 25th of every month, giving you a good 15 days between.


The biggest purpose of rhythm days are to break the not so fun job of accounting into smaller chunks. Since it is a task that most people do not enjoy doing, it tends to be put off or ignored for other things and by breaking it down into chunks it is easier to motivate yourself and get things done.


By having rhythm days every 15 days, now you can utilize the accounting or more than just compliance, you can also use it to follow trends and better plan expenses. It also helps you review accounts that may no longer be serving a purpose for you and save you money. 

Take a look at this quick tip video below for more info!

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