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Getting Great Service- That is What We All Want

Getting Great Service is what every person wants.

If you’ve ever met us and had any length of conversation with us hopefully 2 things become apparent.

1) We hate the IRS (and you should too).

2) We feel the tax and accounting industry is really lazy. (Which is a big problem because all those people using lazy CPAs don’t realize they aren’t getting great service, which they deserve.)

Being Proactive not Lazy

I wanted to take the opportunity here to share what we did for one of our clients. In January we email out instructions and organizers to our clients.  This particular client got us their tax info in February.  We had a meeting to go over their tax documents and to discuss what happened next year and what the plans were for the upcoming year.  These conversations help us pull out tax situations the client might not be aware of.  In this case, the client travels a lot for his w-2 job.

The company he works for gives him a travel per Diem to cover food costs while he is away on business.  What we discovered (because we didn’t just plug his info in like most tax professionals) is that the company added his travel per Diem as taxable income on his w-2.  We don’t have any control over the fact that the company should not have done that.  It’s a business expense but not considered taxable income to the employee.  So to offset this error, we claimed his travel per Diem as a job expense on his schedule A.  By catching this, the client went from owing the IRS around $500 to getting a $1,000 refund.  They also had a $600 reduction in their state income tax.  This is the great service you need, especially when dealing with your tax situation.  He was able to keep more of his hard earned money.

Getting Great Service

This is a victory!  $2,100 positive change in their cash flow gets us excited.  It’s these types of results that remind us why we are passionate about helping our clients keep and grow their wealth.

This is not a uncommon situation we come across.  Almost always there is a strategy we can implement to save you more on taxes. We find that most of the new clients we meet have not been treated as they should have been with previous CPAs.  Getting great service is what you deserve and what you pay for.

We work for you and not the IRS!


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