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How Can Immutable Laws Transform My Business?

By August 27, 2015Blog

Are you ready to grow your business? Let’s determine your immutable laws then.


Do you have some beliefs that are so ingrained that they are a part of you? Certain rules that you have learned through your life that when those rules are broken bad things always follow? Then you have some immutable laws. Immutable means unchangeable.

Whether you realize it or not, you have immutable laws in your life. It defines who you are and what your business is and stands for. I came across this idea reading a book called “The Pumpkin Plan”, by Mike Michalowicz. He even has an article he wrote about it.  it’s a good read. Read the Article

Mike is a much better writer and communicator than I am, so please read his article. I just want to emphasize that you should make an effort to figure out what your immutable laws really are and stick to them. Compromising those internal rules always leads to bad experiences.

Is This One of Your Immutable Laws?

Mike and I share an immutable law. (One that I think most people should have.) He says it better than I do, but let’s say mine is called, No Jerk Faces Allowed. You do not want to do business with these types of people. There is no room for these types of people in your life and in your business.

Do Your Clients Respect Your Time?

My other strong immutable law is – Do they make me feel like they respect my time. We make our best effort to provide the best tax strategy and account service possible. We have systems and processes in place to make that happen. We also understand emergencies come up. We make our best effort to accommodate those.

Immutable Laws In Action

Extension season is upon us. That means tax returns are due in the next few weeks for businesses and a month for personal returns. Our clients who have not filed yet have had 8 – 110 reminders from us of what we need in order to prepare their returns. One of my very first clients of my career, had an “emergency” come up. He violated my number one rule in how he communicated the emergency to me and his assumption of how I would drop everything to make it happen. I sent a response to him explaining the number of times he was asked to get me his stuff, how our process works, and that I am making every effort to squeeze his return into my schedule instead of following our normal process which is getting returns done within 2 weeks after we get all the clients info. His response to my response then broke both of my immutable laws.

Breaking our relationship is the best thing to do at this point. It is sad and a difficult decision to make. He had needed a healthy amount of our services. I’m not going to expose my employees to that attitude and I’m not going to take time away from the polite clients.

Maybe I’m just ranting, maybe I’m frustrated a good paying client has shown his true colors now that he makes way more money than he used to, but maybe I’m sharing an unpleasant experience with you so that you don’t make the same mistake, or maybe you will have the courage to fire a few clients you know you need to but haven’t been able to in the past.

Can you think of any clients that may be breaking some of your immutable laws?

Call or email me and we can talk more about them.


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