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How To Bring Members Back (and keep them there!)

By September 21, 2020Blog, Profit First

Gyms are starting to open up again all over the country and that has us all thinking about how to bring member back and keep them there. 


During the quarantine, a lot of our members got used to doing classes online or making their own home gym. This has left gym owner’s scrambling to adapt to the changes and best service their members and continue to grow their business. 


Offering a variety of classes and services in your Microgym is a great way to attract a diverse market of members who may be looking for something different or unique.


You have the advantage in your gym to offer equipment they may not have at home, as well as trainers that can teach new, interesting classes. 


If you are seeing a dip in your membership, try offering a new type of class, or add a new, exciting piece of equipment.


There is nothing wrong with trying new things, just make sure you are regularly evaluating your classes to make sure they are bringing in a PROFIT. If you discover a revenue stream for which you are actually losing money, then you should stop doing it or figure out a way to make it profitable. 


What I suggest, is set a time limit. For example, 3 months, at which time you take a minute to reevaluate the class and if it is not making money you cut it or adapt it to a way that is more profitable. 


Remember Profit is key, while it is good to have things bringing in members, if it is costing more than it is bringing it then it is not worth it. 


I would love to hear how you are adapting to things with your Microgym. What creative ideas has this pandemic inspired for you?


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