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How To Forecast Cash Flow For 90 Days

By April 29, 2021June 8th, 2021Uncategorized

Let’s talk about forecasting cash flow


One of the struggles our gym owner friends have is forecasting their cash flow.


When the pandemic happened we created a 13-week cash flow tool which can be really valuable. If you would like a copy of this template we are discussing today, just shoot us a message and we will send it over.


In the template, we have pre-filled out the information for a gym over the last 4 weeks.


At the top of the template, you will enter the date of the week you are starting with, when you do the other dates will auto-populate.


Now you are going to take a look at your books…


I am also putting in the bank balance for the same date. Now you are going to take a look at your books, if you are using Quickbooks for example you can run a report. It’s a profit and loss report and you can say display columns by week. That gave me how much revenue the gym makes weekly. 


Next, I put in expenses that this gym has or has had over the last 4 weeks. Now that I have 4 weeks of real data it makes it easy for me to then forecast out the rest of the columns.


Find the average income over the last 4 weeks


At the bottom of the google spreadsheet, you can obtain the average income over the last 4 weeks, then just fill that into the income columns for future dates. Then just enter in the expenses that you know will be coming up over the future dates as well.


You can get a lot of this information from the expenses over the previous 4 weeks and you can also enter any monthly recurring charges you are aware of. With this information, you will have a pretty accurate forecast of your cash flow for the next 90 days.


Check out the video below to hear more from me on this topic.



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