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Break Me Off a Piece: How to Take Effective Breaks During the Workday

By June 26, 2023Blog, Business, Culture, Value
How to take effective breaks to boost your workday

Taking Effective Breaks is Tough

The modern workday can be an unbearable stretch of monotony. The relentless onslaught of deadlines and tasks can drain the life force out of the most resilient of workers, making it easy to forget how to take effective breaks during the workday. 

But fret not, for salvation lies within the oft-neglected concept of taking effective breaks. Ah, yes, those glorious pockets of time when you can momentarily escape the clutches of responsibility and indulge in activities that make you feel alive.  

So, grab your coffee (or hot chocolate) and get ready to dive headfirst into both good and bad break ideas. 

Good Break Ideas:

1. Do a creative hobby

Who says work and play can’t coexist? Unleash your inner Picasso by doodling or writing a book during your break. Your masterpiece might just end up on the bestseller list, or at least on your office bulletin board.

2. Exercise

Shake off those sedentary shackles and get your blood pumping. A brisk walk or some quick stretches can do wonders for both your physical and mental well-being. However, don’t be surprised if your boss gives you a perplexed look when you power-walk past their office. Let them wonder, you wild and free spirit.  

3. Take a nap

Yes, you read that correctly. I’m encouraging you to embrace your inner kindergartener and take a nap during working hours. Just find a cozy spot, set an alarm (or not, if you’re feeling particularly rebellious), and drift away into dreamland. Just make sure you don’t drool on any important documents. 

Switching Tasks Isn’t a Break 

What you won’t find on the list of good break ideas is changing your work task to a different work task. If my main work is taking sales calls and I also have minutiae tasks, a recovery period from sales calls isn’t doing the minutiae. Even if it involves a different type of energy. Your brain is still stimulated from work.  

Other Bad Break Options Include:

1. Eating junk food

Sadly, I have to rain on your snacking parade. As much as I would love to embrace the blissful joy of junk food, it’s time to face the harsh reality that indulging in those delicious treats might lead to a sugar crash that will have you face-planting on your keyboard.

2. Eating lunch while working

We get it, multitasking is all the rage. But let’s take a moment to appreciate the wonders of a real lunch break. Step away from your desk, savor your food, and pretend you are on a luxurious vacation instead of stuck in the office.  

3. Watching YouTube, Netflix, TikTok

Ah, the black holes of distraction that lure us in with their endless stream of cat videos and mindless entertainment. Sure, you could spend hours binging on your favorite shows, but beware the slippery slope that leads to an unproductive abyss.  

In Conclusion 

Taking effective breaks during the workday is a fine art that will boost your mental health and productivity. When you know you have a break coming up, you are more likely to stay focused during your work block.  

By effectively using your break time, you can come back to work mentally rested and ready to bust out another productive session.  

Oh, One Last Thing,  

All these fantastic  and effective break ideas we’ve been exploring today actually come straight from the pages of my new book coming out fall 2023 called “The 3.3 Rule Book.” Yes, you heard it right! This groundbreaking guide unveils the secrets to the new workday normal. Preorder today and happy reading, fellow break enthusiasts! 



So go forth and may your breaks be filled with relaxation and an inexplicable sense of satisfaction.  


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