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Improving Communication With John Bates

By July 11, 2021July 17th, 2021Blog, Cash Management, Profit First

How You Say It

Managing a business is all about effective communication. You need to be able to talk to the people you work with. More importantly, you need the people you work with to want to listen to you. You could be saying the most brilliant things anyone has ever heard, and it will not matter if no one wants to listen to what you’re saying. So, how do you learn to talk in a way people want to listen to? I got the opportunity to sit down with communications expert John Bates to discuss communication strategies for business owners.

TED Talks

John Bates has both given and taught others to contribute to the world-famous TED Talks. John goes into detail about TED Talk’s style and how to apply it to your own communication as a business owner. Remember, TED Talks did not invent the format of the TED Talk. It’s a communication style that has been successful for business owners and leaders for years. Learning how to emulate that style in your own life can help you emulate that success.

Honesty Is The Best Policy

“When you’re really, authentically vulnerable and you share some insights (it’s what John Bates call INSIGHTFUL VULNERABILITY) that just has people fall in love with you.” (3:04) 

This remark, made by John fairly early in the video, is worth taking a moment to highlight. There are so many pieces of great advice and nuggets of wisdom in this interview. You really owe it to yourself to check it out. But even if you’re one of those people who skims the summary and skips the video, take this piece of advice with you.

Learn to Shine

It would be doing a disservice to both John and to you to spoil any more of this video. The advice here is invaluable to you as a leader and a business owner. Do yourself a favor. Give it a listen now!

To watch my full video, click below!

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