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Does Buying a Home Help with Taxes?

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Ahhh… the American Dream. Home ownership is a key element in the pursuit of the American Dream. It gives us stability, a place to plant our roots and be a part of a community. It’s also an investment. Paying a mortgage builds equity; paying rent just gives you a place to live for another month. But does buying a home help with taxes? Can buying…

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You Missed the Tax Deadline. What Now?

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The dreaded tax season is over. Tax Day has come and gone and the deadline to file and pay is now passed. But what the heck happens now if you missed the tax deadline? We’re talking specifically about federal income tax penalties here. You’ll need to look up your own state penalties as each state will be different.   Minor Tangent We’re not getting into…

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What is the Tax Deadline for 2022?

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I recently watched a TED Talks video, Inside the Mind of a Master Procrastinator by Tim Urban. Procrastinators have this Instant Gratification Monkey in their mind that makes them easily distracted by everything else except for what actually needs to be done, and the only thing the Monkey is afraid of is the Panic Monster which only comes out when a deadline is involved. So,…

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4 Tips on How to Stop Being Disorganized for the Small Business Owner

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As a business owner you know you need to keep track of your books, reports, documents, and receipts, but you also realize you’re not a naturally organized person. Well, props to you for recognizing one of your weaknesses. It doesn’t mean you are a weak person. You simply need to develop some habits for how to stop being disorganized. These are not best practices, per…

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Self-Employed Tax Deductions | Don’t Miss these Savings!

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If you’re a small business owner, you might be wondering if there’s some way you can combine your personal life and business life to maximize your self-employed tax deductions and probably feeling like you’re missing out on some tax write-offs as well. Unfortunately, you’re right. You probably are missing out on some of those deductions because many accountants will tell you no across the board….

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Managing Small Business Finances – An Introductory Guide for Entrepreneurs

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Guest Writer – Chelsea Lamb from Business Pop   As a small business owner, you have to wear many hats. When you’re first getting your company off the ground, you’ll likely handle everything from marketing to management, hiring—and financials. For many new entrepreneurs, the financial side of running a business is one of the most daunting tasks they’ll face. Don’t let money matters intimidate you….

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Filing Taxes for Small Business Owners

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Filing taxes for small business owners can be very overwhelming and stressful. One thing though seems to be at the foundation of the issue and is illustrated in a question we get fairly often.   Does my accountant file ALL the tax returns I’m supposed to pay?   We get this question a lot. Usually sometime in May, after taxes have been filed, and the…

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Seasonality in Business and the Beauty of Profit First

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Almost all industries have seasonal fluctuations in revenue. The travel industry sees an increase during the summer months. As an accounting firm our busiest season is January-April. The Construction industry and landscapers generally see a major decline in revenue during the winter. So how do you deal with seasonality in business to survive the slow months? Well, that’s the beauty of Profit First! It solves…

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How to Manage your Cash Flow and Books when you’re Not Good with Numbers

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You’ve probably felt it at times looking over your financial statements. “Um… I can read the numbers, but are they good or bad? What are they trying to tell me?” Then you’re told by financial experts to perform a deep analysis so you can run projections and create a budget. That’s a whole slew of more numbers and complicated calculations on top of still trying…

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What Should You Do When Allocating Cash to Different Bank Accounts?

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We Want You to have Clarity in Your Cash Flow. You want to have clarity in your cash flow so whether you’re allocating cash, wanting to reward your employees, or creating an expansion plan, you can make smarter more focused money decisions. Often times when running the Profit First for Microgym’s system (the best way to manage your cash flow each month), we get asked…

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Negative Balances are a Red Flag in your Bookkeeping

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Webster defines Red Flag as “a warning signal or sign; a problem to be dealt with.” Negative accounts are a big red flag in your bookkeeping.   Despite popular belief, bookkeeping isn’t necessarily only for doing your tax return, although that’s an added benefit. Bookkeeping is for recording and organizing all of your financial transactions made for your business operations. With good records you are…

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Can You Write Off a Car for Business?

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If done properly, yes! You can most certainly write off a car for business. If you didn’t already know this, the IRS sucks! The average small business owner can expect to pay about 19% in taxes. That’s just your business and doesn’t even include your personal income taxes. Uncle Sam is greedy and will tax everything from your groceries to your property. And while we…

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Business Owners Should NOT be Living Paycheck to Paycheck

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Do you own a successful business, but somehow find yourself living paycheck to paycheck?   You likely started your business in part to not be in that position. It’s stressful getting your modest paycheck, spending most of it on bills within a few days and then living off a few hundred bucks, if you’re lucky, for the next three weeks. Success then becomes not getting…

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Bare Minimum, You Need This One Profit First Account

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One of the 4 core principles of the Profit First cash flow management system is called smaller plates. Those smaller plates are multiple bank accounts all for your one business. The Profit First accounts are for things like owner’s pay, profit, operating expenses, etc. The idea is it keeps you from overspending on things and gives you a way to save for certain things as…

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