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Interested In Our Services? -This Is What We Do

By March 23, 2021March 30th, 2021Accounting, Blog, Tax Strategy, Uncategorized

From the outside, we look like just another tax and accounting firm, but our services are so much more than that…

Sure, We Can Definitely File Your Tax Returns!

It’s true, we help you file tax returns, both personal and business, but our services expand so much more beyond!


But… What About A Strategy For Your Money?

One of the services that we provide that sets us apart from the rest is STRATEGY because let’s be honest, financial health comes from more than just a once-a-year interaction with your accountant.


Why Are People Choosing Us?

One of the reasons people choose us is because, with most accountants, you will be charged in five-minute increments, even just for small email questions, so many people don’t reach out with questions. We found that oftentimes, those questions can make for huge financial savings, so we want to be there to help give you any answers you need so that you can make informed decisions about your business.


Get Unlimited Access!!!

Get unlimited email access to your accountant for questions big and small, have regular strategy meetings with our team to discuss your finances- So don’t be afraid to reach out!


That’s Not All!

We also offer an IRS letter response service. What does that mean? The IRS sends out a lot of letters… We have found that about 85% of the letters are wrong and are just trying to get more money from the taxpayer.

We are here to intercept that letter, and in some cases, respond to it for you, so that you don’t have to deal with the runaround.
Looking For Bookkeeping Or Other Higher Level Financial Management Services?
We got you covered. Our highly skilled team can manage to update your financial statements and send you a personalized analysis of your cash flow.



Take a look at this video, to hear a bit more about our services for our founder, John Briggs.



We will be offering a lot of advice on our page here, but we also would be happy to help you out on a more personal level. Feel free to hit us up if you need help preparing your taxes.


You can watch ALL of our Profit First Tip videos by SUBSCRIBING to our YouTube Channel.


More of a blog person?… THAT’S OK! We keep our INCITE TAX BLOG full of all of the same amazing content that you would find on our YouTube Channel, including John’s special guest interviews, such as the one with the founder of the Profit First System, Mike Michalowicz!


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