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The IRS sucks. We know that, but in this case, when you owe back taxes we are able to create a pretty amazing strategy to help you not owe the full amount


Latest Success Stories!

"I went to Incite tax after having lost many nights’ sleep over my IRS tax debt. They immediately calmed my worries and offered a reasonable course of action that made sense to me.
The IRS settled my $25,000 tax debt for just over $1,000. This is over a 95% tax savings and far exceeded my expectations. I only wish I had reached out to them sooner.
What I appreciated most about working with Incite tax is their ability to successfully navigate the crazy process the IRS forced on me. The mere mention of the “IRS” or “taxes” previously caused me a great deal of anxiety. Now I have complete peace of mind."

Cathy Reynolds

“I owed taxes all the way back to 2006 totaling nearly $50,000. It was such a nightmare I didn’t even want to think about it. I mean I literally tried not to think about it. But the IRS wouldn’t allow it. They kept sending me nastygrams.
I decided I needed to deal with it head-on. Incite Tax helped me prepare my back tax returns and prepared the Offer-In-Compromise paperwork to send to the IRS.
Incite had to negotiate back and forth with the IRS, but we were finally able to get them to accept an Offer of $4,500. That is less than 10% of what I owed! I am extremely happy with the results and would recommend Incite’s services to anyone.
Don’t make the same mistake I did. You see, I made good money before and that’s why I owed so much in taxes. Then I went through some really difficult situations that affected my income. I thought I needed to wait to work things out with the IRS until I had more income to actually pay them something. The team at Incite explained that since your future earnings are no guarantee, dealing with the IRS now when my income was not very much was the best time. I’m so glad I listened!”

Matt Peterson

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IRS Tax Resolution

Some times things happen and you get nasty grams from the IRS or state.  Or maybe you are just behind on paying taxes.  We advocate for our clients and resolve these issues for them.

Our IRS Problem Support includes:

  • Offer In Compromise Solutions

  • Audit representation

  • Responding to IRS or state letters

  • Interpreting letters for the DIYer

Road Map to Resolution

What to expect when resolving your tax debt

Many of our clients who retain our tax relief services are interested in knowing two things: One, can you settle this for less than I owe? And two, How long will this take?
Upon retaining our firm to resolve your tax issue, some of the relief will be immediate and some will be over time.  It is important to keep in mind that IRS problems didn’t come about overnight and will take time to resolve.  The good news is that generally you won’t have to meet or speak with the IRS while we are representing you.  An Average Offer in Compromise case can take anywhere from 6-12 months (and longer) depending on the amount of tax liability owed, the complexity, and your individual facts and circumstances.

Road Map to Resolution

FREE Consultation: If you have never been a client of ours, the first step is to call or come in for your confidential, no obligation free evaluation.  At this meeting, an experienced tax resolution CPA will evaluate your situation and discuss all available options for resolving your matter.  This generally takes about 30-45 minutes;however, there are times where the information provided at this meeting is not sufficient to determine a course of action.  It is advised therefore to have/bring all recent notices and correspondence from the IRS to the meeting.

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Coming on Board

Retaining Our Firm:

At the end of your consultation, and if selected as a good “fit” for our firm, you will be given the opportunity to retain us as your tax representative.  You will be required to sign an Engagement Letter and make financial arrangements in order to pay for our tax help services.  We will file a Power of Attorney (POA) with the IRS.  This will provide you with immediate relief because from this point on the IRS will be required to contact us instead of you.  If they should happen to contact you, all you need to do is politely request that they contact Incite Tax directly and provide them with our contact information including phone number.  A separate POA will be required for any State problem you have retained us for as well

Beginning the Tax Resolution Process:

 You will be assigned a case manager who is in charge of your case.  All of our case managers are licensed professionals and are extremely qualified.  Our case managers are Certified Public Accountants.  Together we will develop a phased strategy for resolving your case and advise you on what steps to take for the most effective resolution.  Your case manager is available to you by direct dial phone, individual email, or in person.  At Incite Tax we employ the team approach to resolving your tax problems.  Our case managers are supported by a staff of experienced technical specialist who will be your point of contact.

IRS Compliance:

Generally, before any negotiation/settlement will be accepted by the IRS, you must become a compliant taxpayer. Compliance means that all past due delinquent income tax returns must be prepared and filed. Compliance also means you have to be “current” on your quarterly estimated income tax payments and you must be withholding at the correct rate if a wage earner. Your case manager is experienced in what must be done to achieve this and will advise you accordingly. For those of you who can’t furnish records necessary to prepare your taxes, Incite Tax has developed methods, in accordance with IRS regulations, for completing the preparation of tax returns in order to get them filed asap.

Your Responsibilities:

Clients who achieve successful resolution of their matters have the following traits in common:  They view the relationship with us as a collaborative one.  They view this as a “project” that requires cooperation.  They follow through, on a TIMELY basis, with our requests for information and documentation.  Clients that achieve stated resolution goals return our phone calls, emails and stay in contact with us throughout the duration of their case.

Tax Settlement Negotiation:

We will propose a plan of resolution to the IRS that you can live with and see through to acceptance.  We have an excellent IRS settlement track record rate and pride ourselves in obtaining the best (lowest) settlement for you under the law.  However, it is rare that a proposal is accepted right away.  Through diligence, persistence and follow up our knowledgeable staff will monitor, provide additional information to the IRS as needed, and negotiate your proposed resolution until a resolution is achieved.

Tax Resolution is Reached:

We will review the final resolution of your case by the IRS to make sure it is as agreed upon.  If not, we will insist that it be changed to reflect what was agreed to.  If the IRS is unwilling to do this, we will advise you as to what your options are for the next step.  Finally you will be advised on what you must do in order to succeed with your resolution and avoid future tax problems.

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