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Leadership: How Does It Help Improve Your Profit?

By March 3, 2021Blog

Leaderships Is About Knowing Your Strengths

Today we are going to be talking leadership and strengths, with Darren, from 34 Strong. A business that will help you discover your strengths out of the 34 strengths in the Clifton Strengthsfinder. 


Why Should You Know Your Strengths

Knowing your strengths can make such a difference in understanding and explaining what you bring to the table with your business. 


We use this, here at Incite Tax, with our employees, as a way to better contextualize their job performance based on the areas where they shine and ways we should be communicating with them. This really helps us understand our people better and it is a tool we recommend bringing into your business. 


So, What Does This have To Do With $$?

We spend a lot of the time talking about cash flow, cutting expenses, streamlining your revenue stream, and things like that. However I think there is a huge opportunity we might be missing out on if we improve our own and our team’s leadership ability, this can also help improve our profitability. 


I invited Darren here today to help provide you all a better understanding on how this works and explain how it can benefit your business,


Check out our full interview with Darren to hear more and learn how this can help you!

Want to learn more about Darren? 

📌 Darren is a leader with a keen awareness of details and their ripple impact. His specialty is aligning talent toward long term scalability and helping others to learn to take ownership in their respective zones of genius. He and his team are organizational consultants who use strengths-based training, coaching, and speaking to help organizations become a best place to work. We are committed to eating our own cooking, which is why the first strengths-based organization we ever built was our own! We are 34 Strong!


Never hear of the Clifton Strength Finders Test? Learn More HERE! 


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