LEG: A Profit First Principle

By January 3, 2020 Profit First

I bet you are curious what you leg has to do with your gyms profits.


LEG or “Length of Engagement” is tracking the average length of engagement for your members.


This can be easily tracked in your CRM by taking the current date and subtracting their starting date, this will give you the total number. Then you can take these numbers together to find the average.


Why is this important?


This metric will help you understand how you are doing with client experience,  the goal would be to increase this average every month. If this number is too low it can be a red flag that you need to review the customer experience.


  • Do they need more communication from you?
  • Do they like your programs?


You can’t improve on any aspect that has to do with customer experience until you start seeing that average LEG number growing and increasing.


It is always the goal of any gym to not only get new members, but also to retain existing customers as long as possible. This is why we recommend the LEG principle as part of our Profit First System!


Want to learn more? Click below to watch my tip video on the LEG principle for Profit First.

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