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Marketers: It’s Time To Stop Doing This!

By February 6, 2021March 4th, 2021Blog, Cash Management

Marketers, It’s Honestly Getting Annoying

I have noticed that more and more emails and messages from marketers talk about increasing your “profit” or how to “increase your profit”. Whether this is marketers or coaches or mentors, a LOT of these programs like to use that magic word Profit. 


However, once you dive in and do a bit more research you find that they are not actually talking about profit. They are talking about cash flow.


So, Then, What Is Profit?

Let’s define the actual meaning of the word profit, that way when you see these headlines or look into these programs with claims to “double your profits”, you’ll have a better idea of what you are actually getting into. 


Help Is A Good Thing

I am not saying don’t listen to a coach or let a business mentor help guide you into growing your profits, all of those things are relevant and are important to do. What I am saying is, know WHAT you need help with and WHO is qualified to provide you that help. 


I can tell you at our gym for example, we are not very good at bringing in leads, so any marketing help I can find I take. It’s important when I know that is what my need is, I can go find the right program to fit that instead of getting sucked in by the fancy words and promises. 


Profit Is…

The way I look at profit is cash comes into your business by customers paying you – that’s cash in. 


Then you pay your vendors, coaches, etc – that is cash outflow. 


Whatever is left over, that is profit. 


Know Better, Choose Better

That is the space that we are talking about here at Incite Tax. We are the voice on how to increase the money that is leftover because we believe the more money you have leftover the better chance you have in business as long as you want. 


What Other Marketers Are Actually Teaching

Sometimes marketers talk about increasing your profit, but really they mean top line revenue. Other times, business mentors may talk about increasing your profit, but they’re talking about creating systems to help you control the cash that is leaving. 


To me, I just want to make sure that you are not falling for any deception because it is a job of marketing to sell. The tactics they use to try and get you to use their business is going to be the same tactics they try and get you to use as well. So if they are being misleading with their buzzwords there is a good chance they are going to encourage you to use the same language. 


It is important to be careful and do your research so you fully understand what kind of company you are getting into business with.

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