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How Profitable is Your Microgym?

Learn with our simple 5 Day Cashflow Challenge where your money currently is allocated, how much you should be paying yourself, and how profitable you should be.


Introducing Profit First for Microgyms

The Best Book to Grow Your Gym's Profitability - Fast

Start Taking Home a Bigger Consistent Paycheck

- Do you want to increase your cash in the bank?
- Do you want to stop stressing over covering your bills?
- Do you want to have something to show for your hard work?


Your Trusted Microgym Accountant

Helping the Microgym Crush Their Financial Situation – No Sweat!!

As the #1 Microgym Accountant we feel obligated to train our clients on the best possible financial strategies.

Not just your plugging in numbers to produce a result but to dive deeper into the mechanics of each client’s gym and uncover areas or behaviors that are hurting your business and in turn keeping you from more money.

We love CrossFit not only because we’re avid members of a local box but because we relate to what you do as coaches to your members and athletes.

You’re helping your community improve their health and fitness and amplify their functional movements. We are doing the same thing for our clients. Coaching them and navigating their tax situation so they can ultimately live a better more enriched life.

One of our favorite quotes talks about the need for a coach, (and I think you’ll resonate with this):

“A coach is sometimes not the one that knows more than you, sometimes they know what you’re doing when you’re doing it well and gets you to do it more often and calls you on the things that you’re not doing.”

Of course there are areas we can coach you on that you have no idea about, but with some time and effort, you can make those areas a strength.

Since we worked with hundreds of gyms and understand your situation we are here to help coach you to your optimal financial level. And since you’ve made it this far, we wanted to give you something special to help catapult you to more money in your pockets right now!

Click here to try your FREE tax Wod!

This will be the most exciting time you’ve ever had learning about taxes…

SERIOUSLY, because you’re going to make over $6,000 in less than 20 minutes. When is the last time you had an hourly rate like that?

If you are feeling like you’re tax and accounting is a disaster and hate dealing with it, or even if you feel like things are ok but you just want to keep as much of your hard earned money as you can, this will be a pivotal moment in your business life.

PLUS-The strategies you’ll discover in the Tax WOD are items you can install into your business TODAY.

So keep that momentum going and do even more for you community and learn to keep more money than ever before.

Go ahead and fill in your info below to gain instant access to this FREE Tax WOD!

Claim Your FREE Tax WOD!

Easily keep more money for you and your family by learning from this.

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    A Sampling of Gym Owner’s Success Stories

    “I met John last year at the 321Go Project Affiliate Gathering. I was so impressed by his knowledge of CrossFit businesses that I knew we needed to place our box in Incite’s hands.” – Julie Styles, CrossFit West of the River

    “I am a business owner and have been working in the CrossFit community for several years. John and Incite Tax have been doing my taxes for two years. Until I started working with Incite Tax, I didn’t realize how much more value I could be receiving from an accountant. He truly communicates and speaks my language.” – Marc Duchene, CrossFit 915

    “I initially came to Incite because I work for 321Go and we’ve collaborated with John on numerous occasions. I stuck around because I felt like Incite was the first firm to actually listen to me and understand my situation. I’ve always known I had options with entity structure and taxes, but you guys were the first to explore these with me.” – Matt Scanlon, CrossFit Memeorial Hill

    “It’s important to me to have my financial data accurate and up to date. I can’t make business decisions confidently without my accounting being solid. Incite Tax has been so awesome to fulfill all of these areas and take care of my needs. I can always count on them and their expertise to help out the financial side of running my gym.” Diana JimenezRadd CrossFit

    “Having an accountant that understands CrossFit is a game-changer for me and my gym. I’ve loved working with Incite Tax and having them help me strengthen my accounting systems. The financial back end of my business is so much cleaner and has allowed me to make better business decisions because the data is working for me instead of me always being behind trying to keep up. Updated financial information from Incite Tax has been great!” Andrew ZortmanCrossFit Themis

    We love the reach that CrossFit has in the world. No matter where you are, or where your Box is located we are not limited by geography to where we can serve our clients.
    The services we provide can help any gym owner anywhere. If you’re seriously wanting to level up your financial situation and take home more of your money then this tax planning session is the next best decision for you.