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Cash flow is the lifeblood of your business, and you've been taught since birth that it's the effect of running a business (Sales - Expenses = Profit). We're flipping this entirely and making sure your PROFIT is at the focal point of your business.
Keeping your business alive, and THRIVING!

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  • Full Profit First Implementation
    • From A – Z all things covered within this cash flow system
    • Multiple strategies that will keep more profit in your bank
    • FAQ from business owners that you can glean from
  • All the Tools & Resources
    • Multiple templates that are fully calculated and ready to input
    • Allocating money to your accounts sheet that will save you so much headache
    • Resources that walk you through this system

Everything listed only one payment of - $167

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Incite has been fantastic. They’ve saved us a ton of money on our taxes, and their small business program is extremely helpful. Highly recommend!

Incite Tax is very responsive in email and text to my questions and comments and they are very creative about minimizing tax liability.

We wanted an aggressive CPA who will take advantage of every tax break possible, and help us maximize profits. So, my business partner and I both moved our corporate taxes and personal taxes over to Incite a few years ago, and we have been very happy since! 

Incite Tax is exceptional. This is not an easy part of business to handle and can get complicated fast, but I am THRILLED I have this team as a partner. Thank you!