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What Business Owners Are Saying About Profit First:

“Working with Incite Tax on my Profit First system has put me in a much better position. The profit first assessment Incite did for me gave me the bad news that my business was quite unhealthy. But that was what I needed to hear.

It helped steer me toward the areas of my business that needed the most fixing. In one of our meetings, we focused just on slicing expenses. We found $29,585 of annual expenses to get rid of. I’m also able to stay on top of pesky things like sales tax payments which has been a challenge for me in the past. I’m loving profit first in my business!” 

Erick McHenry owner of Viking Automotive

“It’s been really exciting adding Profit First to our business. The profit first assessment Incite Tax did for me showed that my expenses needed to come down by 8%. We are looking for significant growth and I knew I was investing into that growth.

So in the short run I’m ok taking a small hit on my personal compensation in order to grow the business. Incite Tax helped me confirm that the small hit I was taking still left me in a healthy position. I also love the idea that now I have my taxes set aside. Before working with Incite Tax, I would always worry about how much I was going to owe in taxes. Now I just set the money aside twice a month and I know the money will be there when I need it.” 

Josh Stika

Incite Tax utilizes the Profit First method of cash management. Our team is trained and certified by the Profit First Professionals organization to guide business owners and entrepreneurs in maximizing their profits.

Any accountant | bookkeeper can do your taxes and reconcile your books. But how many accountants | bookkeepers will also drive profitability in your business? That’s what we do. We are a Profit First certified firm.

Our firm is one of the select few, nationwide, that have received a certification in Profit First.

What does this mean for you?

We will guide you with the methods to greatly increase the profitability of your business.  Of course, we will manage your accounting, do your tax returns and help you with your books – but any accountant | bookkeeper can do that.  We also provide the most important financial factor – maximizing your profits.

As they say, the proof is in the pudding.

If you’ve made it this far, you’re definitely in the right place. You’re just getting started on your profit first journey and what I’m about to share with you will help mitigate all the stress that comes from managing your cash and paying bills.

These core principles are completely free and by the end of it you will be well equipped to boost your profits (fast).

3 Amazing Tips of Cash Management

So you can GROW your cash without generating more income. Decrease your stress, Control your money!

The difference between money makers and money creators is execution! The most successful people take action. They test, experiment, and try and try again. It’s not a passive journey they follow. Take action and start learning how to live how you want to with your finances working for you.

Here is a sampling of what you’ll get:

  • The key to not running a cash eating monster
  • How to stop living check to check
  • Formula to let you know how healthy your business is
  • How this system will apply to any business size
  • PLUS more resources!


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