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Cash Flow Management that Increases Your Profits

Profit First puts you in control of your business's cash flow and personal wealth

You Don't Need To Stress Over Money Again

You'll have enough cash to...

  • Pay yourself as the owner working in the business
  • Cover your operating expenses
  • Pay your personal bills
  • Take your family on that vacation they’ve been dying to go on
  • Distribute profits on top of your normal owners pay
  • Save up for an emergency
  • Pay taxes with cash already set aside
  • Live the life you’ve always dreamed of

We're a Profit First Certified Team

Incite Tax utilizes the Profit First method of cash management.

Our firm is one of the select few, nationwide, that have received a certification in Profit First.

Our team is TRAINED and CERTIFIED by the Profit First Professionals organization to GUIDE business owners and entrepreneurs in maximizing their profits.

We're Not your Normal Accounting Firm

Normal accountants tend to use a plug-and-play system. They take the information you give them and plug it into their software of choice and you get what you get. It’s almost like they work for the IRS. If you don’t ask questions, then they won’t think twice about how the way they did things will actually affect your business. 

Our policy is the IRS sucks and don’t deserve your extra money from overspending on taxes. We will guide you with PROVEN methods to greatly increase the profitability of your business. We thrive in customizing our services to INCREASE TAX SAVINGS based on your situation, do your bookkeeping in a way that saves you the most money and allows you to receive customized reports to MAKE BETTER BUSINESS DECISIONS, and then on top of that help you manage your cash flow to INCREASE PROFITS!

What Other Business Owners are Saying

"Working with Incite Tax on my Profit First system has put me in a much better position. The profit first assessment Incite did for me gave me the bad news that my business was quite unhealthy. But that was what I needed to hear. It helped steer me toward the areas of my business that needed the most fixing. In one of our meetings, we focused just on slicing expenses. We found $29,585 of annual expenses to get rid of. I'm also able to stay on top of pesky things like sales tax payments which has been a challenge for me in the past. I'm loving profit first in my business!"

Erick McHenry owner of Viking Automotive

"It's been really exciting adding Profit First to our business. The profit first assessment Incite Tax did for me showed that my expenses needed to come down by 8%. We are looking for significant growth and I knew I was investing into that growth. So in the short run I'm ok taking a small hit on my personal compensation in order to grow the business. Incite Tax helped me confirm that the small hit I was taking still left me in a healthy position. I also love the idea that now I have my taxes set aside. Before working with Incite Tax, I would always worry about how much I was going to owe in taxes. Now I just set the money aside twice a month and I know the money will be there when I need it."

Josh Stika

Talk to a Pro about your Cash Flow System Now

The difference between money makers and money creators is execution! The most successful people take action. They test, experiment, and try and try again. It's not a passive journey. Take action and start living how you want with your finances working for you.


Decrease Your Stress & Control Your Money

Download the PDF below to understand how the Profit First Cash Flow Management System can work for you!

4 Core Principles of Profit First

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