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QuickBooks Online vs QuickBooks Desktop-Solutions for Business Growth

Everyone who owns and operates a business needs to be tracking and recording transactions and accounts through some type of system.  This is obviously so you can know in an instant where your assets, liabilities, and other financial information are.  The majority of small business owners use QuickBooks as their bookkeeping software.  That is because it offers simple solutions to your day to day business dealings.  It also automates things that save you time and allow you to spend more of your efforts on growing your business.  Also you can customize QuickBooks depending on your specific company standards.  All in all, it saves you unnecessary headaches and much more time to do other things.

Now that you think about whether or not to use QuickBooks, there are two major options in the market that I would like to touch on.

The battle between QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop.

What are their advantages and disadvantages?

We are fully submerged in a technical world and more and more things are moving to the accessibility of things anywhere we go.  This is why QuickBooks Online is a simple solution because you are able to access it anywhere you have internet.  Your Books are stored on their system and you can log in anytime to see your information.  Having that option can be a life saver and alleviate problems if you needed information on the go.

These two versions of Online and Desktop are different products and they fit different situations, but most people love the ability to access their information anywhere, because it in convenient and easy.  The Sleeter Group states that the online version is a different product.  It is not the same as using the Desktop version.  You would not be getting the same software if you went with the Online as the Desktop.

Conversely, a major disadvantage of the Desktop version is it has to be on one computer and used like any other software that has been installed.  You have to be on one computer and its flexibility in using it on the go is only possible if you carry your computer around.

SLC Bookkeeping says that some disadvantages of the online version is that the internet is not always constant and has limitations in its speed based on where you are at.  Also, the Licensing fee is only good for one company file.  So if you operate more than one business, this would hinder your option of using this type of QuickBooks.

Quick Breakdown of Costs-What to do what to do?

QBD (desktop) pro is $250 for three years while QBO (online) is $27 a month that is $927 for the same duration…

Quickbooks Online     Vs      Quickbooks Desktop 
Limited by internet                          Full use of software
Monthly fee                                       One payment
Rental use                                         Ownership of software
One company file                             Multiple company files
Company file stored at Intuit         You have actual possession of your company file

A Solution for all.

We like to provide Chocolate cake and ice cream, or substitute your two favorite desserts there. Having worked with both versions and understanding the happy points and the frustrating points, we provide a service that is the best of both worlds.  (hence the chocolate cake and ice cream.)

What we have is an easily accessible server set up where you can log in to your QuickBooks desktop version any time you would like with options of multiple users and the facility of having your financials at your fingertips.  This means that wherever you have internet access, you could access our hosted quickbooks server.

There are many advantages of having a system set up this way.  Clients really like that they don’t have to worry about the hassle of sending copies of their QuickBooks to us in order for us to prepare monthly financials, budgets, or year end tax preparation. They love having access wherever the go, and they love that it’s the full functionality of the desktop version.

Everyone who owns a business should be recording and keeping accurate accounting.  We offer solutions to making your life easier and hope you can benefit from our system.

Let me know what thoughts you have on the subject!


See more of the details that we can offer here:

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  • Connie Gray says:

    Hello Incite Team,

    Good article – we have a multi-user QuickBooks license that works well for us. We use Teamviewer to dial into our computers from home or on the road and we can access our Quickbooks desktop version anytime, as well as other software that we use on a day to day basis. We love it.

    Thank you,

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